3 Indicators It’s Time to Upgrade Your Shower or Bath

3 Indicators It’s Time to Upgrade Your Shower or Bath

The bathroom is often forgotten, yet it is one of the most used rooms in the house. Bathing or taking a shower in the bathroom can help you recharge from the stresses of the day. The value of your home can be reduced if your shower unit is outdated or damaged.

In order to maintain your home’s value and keep you at peace, you should maintain your bathroom regularly. The impact of bathroom remodeling on potential buyers is huge.

According to this informative blog created by the expert bathroom contractor, there are 3 indications that your shower or bath needs to be upgraded and that it’s definitely time to take into consideration bathroom renovation.

Build-up of mold and fungi

It is easy for mold and fungal growth to occur in bathtubs and showers due to the conducive environment they provide. It is essential to replace the entire unit if invasive bacteria are detected, as mold poses a serious health threat. It is possible to develop allergies and respiratory issues after being exposed to this bacterial growth over a prolonged period of time. To eliminate mold from the bathroom, we recommend hiring a bathroom contractor who can replace the old shower with a brand-new one. With regular care and maintenance, a reliable bathroom renovation expert will eliminate any possibility of mold growth since we remove all remnants of mold up to the studs.

Designs that are outdated

Bathrooms should be renovated if you don’t want them to appear as they were designed when the home was built. It is important to update the faucets and toilets and use a contemporary-looking showerhead. A modern bathroom should be painted in vibrant colors like powder blue, beige, black, taupe, nautical blue and pistachio. Changing your bathroom’s design can increase its value since the trendiest bathrooms probably won’t last forever. Modern bathrooms usually have two sinks instead of one smaller sink, and there is no carpet on the floor in them. Wallpaper, brightly colored tiles, and popcorn ceilings are old-fashioned design elements.

Features that are damaged

You may find features such as grab bars, temperature handles, or shelves attached to the base unit. It is not uncommon for damaged features to be ignored even though they are one of the most obvious warning signs. Tiles that are cracked and tubs that are dented are both signs of damage. You might experience leaks around your toilet or sink, as well as the calking around the shower or tub. Most paint won’t blister or peel from the steam from the shower or tub. In addition to causing serious damage to your house’s wood framing, a leak can also be expensive to fix. Bathroom lighting in older homes is often inadequate.

Getting Started With Bathroom Remodeling

Working with Valor Home will ensure that your bathroom layout is always updated and looks great, whether you’re looking for a few aesthetic changes or a complete remodel.

Consider Valor Home for bathroom remodeling that reflects the modern decor of your home. We have a wide selection of customizable bath options to choose from. Get the bathroom design you’ve always wanted through our team for your bathroom renovation needs.

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