5 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Luxury Bathroom

5 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Luxury Bathroom

Christmas can be a great time for some bathroom remodeling to spruce up your bathroom with some Christmas cheer.   We’ve curated the latest home decorating tips for this season right here. You will be amazed to know how small changes can make any luxury bathroom Christmas-ready!

Let’s talk about existing décor! Try to keep your current decorations elegant and a somewhat winter-like color scheme. If you’re having guests over this holiday season, as you think about additional pieces to add to your bathroom space, you might want to stick to traditional Christmas colors and patterns when choosing seasonal decorations to go along with your existing decorations. Start with themed candles, bath rugs, and towels, or go the extra mile with luxury accent pieces. Here are some ideas to decorate your bathroom this holiday season.

1. Minimalist Christmas Bathroom Decor with Green Accents

If you have a minimalist bathroom design and like to keep it that way, going green is a great option. You may use only green accent pieces such as hand towels, small indoor plants, pine cones, etc. You can also use that same color and replace your toothbrush holder, mini wreaths, and liquid soap bottles.

2. Christmas Tree and Red Plaids

Your living room may house the big decorated Christmas tree but the bathroom can also have a mini version. Who said you can’t have more than one? A mini-Christmas tree placed correctly in a corner of your bathroom would look quite chic and bring holiday-approved kudos from your guests. Pair it with some red plaids as hand towels or accent pieces. You can also add a wreath with red plaid ribbons on your bathroom door.

3. Mini Christmas Wreaths in Bathroom Feather wreaths

Christmas wreaths can be of many kinds. Of course, you have the traditional green leaves and ribbon wreaths, but there are also luxury wreath designs out there. Feathers, for example, look extremely stylish and gorgeous. They can be white or colorful, per your bathroom style. If you have chosen a white scheme as your bathroom decor, add some colors with a colorful feather wreath. If your bathroom decor already has some colors, go with a snow-white feather one instead.

4. Golden fixtures, Mini Glass Pine Cones

If you have already installed golden accent fixtures in your bathroom, that’s great and ideal for this holiday season! If not, you can always get some and replace your regular old ones. It will immediately make the space look more royal and luxe. You can also go for some golden holders, stands, and other small décor items to place on the counter or beside the bathtub. A golden vase is also a good idea. There are an array of glass pine cones available with golden rice lights that can add that extra spark to your luxury bathroom.

5. Star Candle Holder

A few good-quality candles can light up the entire room and make it luxurious immediately. Candles can also be used to set a romantic mood or a smoothing one, this Christmas season. Don’t forget to add the mistletoe and adult egg nog! Make sure to pick out Christmas scented candles, like pine or cinnamon. But when it’s not dark, and there are plenty of natural lights in the bathroom, the candles become just a showpiece. Find some festive candle holders and you are done! Try a star-shaped or marble candle holder for your Christmas-themed luxury bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Before Christmas:

No matter what add-ons you put in your bathroom, it’s of no use if you are working with a dingy space. If you have noticeable damages, or plumbing issues, or even stains on the tiles, etc., call the bathroom remodeling company first. We do small renovations and big ones, give us a call now if you’re in the Maryland area. We can turn any bathroom into your ideal luxury Christmas-themed homestyle spa.

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