5 Ideas To Decorate Your Windows in Christmas

5 Ideas To Decorate Your Windows in Christmas

Christmas with family means a house, wrapped in lights from the top to bottom, all filled with warm candles, fairy lights, showpieces, the house demands to be all spick and span, decorated to mesmerize.

As Christmas approaches to spread the shimmer of love and lights all across Maryland, you can’t deny the joy and warmth that comes from decorating your home. As replacement window installment experts in Annapolis MD and surrounding areas, we’d like to share some adorable ideas to decorate your windows. They’re simple, visually pleasing, and will definitely help your house stand out this holiday season.

First things first, let’s talk about the window itself being in good shape. No matter what decoration idea you choose, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a well-maintained window.

Keep reading for 5 gorgeous ideas to help you decorate your windows this holiday season.

1. Winter Wonderland

You can enhance the lighting in your room by hanging glittery ornaments on your windows. Snowflakes and glass globes will create a dreamy effect. You can also add a cozy touch by hanging white cotton balls with strings. This will help enhance the natural light in the room. Remember to use tapes instead of drills, nails, or hammers to avoid damaging your windows. Using these tools can accidentally crack the window and lead to the need for a complete window replacement.

Decorate Your Windows in Christmas

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2. Christmas Stockings

The best way to get some aesthetic decor without having to spend much or putting in the extra effort is to stack up on stockings. Simply hang them over your window with the help of some thread or tape. You can also stuff the socks with small toys and candies.

Windows Decorate in Christmas

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3. White Christmas

Create a charming winter wonderland inside your home by adorning your windows with delicate white snowflake decorations. Another option to achieve a snowy effect is to incorporate white balloons. You can even use paint markers to draw on your windows. Just be sure to read the instructions before you use the markers and ensure that you know how to remove the paint from your windows after the holidays!

White Christmas

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4. Silver Bells

For a festive look that is a little more out-of-the-ordinary, consider hanging sparkly bells on your windows instead of your usual Christmas wreaths. This will intensify the look that you’re aiming to create. You can also hang these bells on your door. Golden and red metallic balls works the best for most houses.

Metallic Bells

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5. Tree Trimmings and Garlands

Who says that garlands are only for trees and stairwells? Deck your windows with all of your usual Christmas tree trimmings and garlands and you’ll have a festive look in no time! Just be sure to steer clear of the drill machines and use normal tapes and glues. That way, you’ll minimize your risk of damage.

Tree Trimmings and Garlands

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Considering installing new replacement windows over the holidays or in the new year? Get a free estimation with us!

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