5 Things You Must Know about Your Roof

5 Things You Must Know about Your Roof

Exterior of the home or any building, particularly, roof gets the least attention. People often focus on the interior of their homes as it makes them feel good, but they ignore the roof under which this beauty breathes. 

By the time they realize that there is a problem, there are high chances that it is already too late and the damage is way too massive. However, this article is here to guide you about how to avoid such a fate. Roof Installation experts in Annapolis advise you on the 5 things you must know about yours since they are vital. Read on!

#1. What is the status of your roof?

It is essential to have information regarding your roof. One of the important things is how long the roof has been in existence. If you were not the initial owner, you could always get the house’s details during the purchase documents. The age of the roof will give you an idea of whether I might require repair and the cost that such a task might require. Take note of whether it has ever been repaired before and what the repairs entailed. You can always find roofing service experts in Lanham for a thorough inspection.

#2. Identify the type of shingles on the roof

It is essential to know the kind of shingle on your roof. There are various types, and each one of them has different colors and characters. Consequently, their lifespans differ. The most commonly used shingles include 3 tab shingles, atlas chalet, and architectural shingles. The latter are the strongest but quite expensive.

#3. Locate the Pipe Vent

A pipe vent is good for the piping system, but that’s a weak point as far as the roof is concerned. Consequently, locating it is vital so that you can always keep track of it. It often requires more care than any other part of your roof. Cracks around its seals are pretty common too. Always ensure that you check it frequently. 3 tab shingles are pretty standard but need urgent inspections after a storm. Last but not least, atlas chalet is rare since they leave a lot to be desired.

#4. What’s Beneath the Roof?

It is important to note that your roof has other components and accessories besides shingle. That’s why a roof Installation company in Annapolis will advise you to understand what’s under the roof, including the accessories. You may come across the decking, water % ice shield, and underlayment. If you know what’s under the roof, that ensures you plan for its improvement or upgrade excellently. Therefore, your next replacement or repair is most likely going to be a success.

#5. Synthetic Felt or Tar Paper

It is a common method of waterproofing since the shingle often lets water creep. This layer is often between the shingle and decking and is often made of synthetic felt or tar paper. In some cases, the felt can also be real. If you notice that it is tap paper, don’t expect it to be 100% waterproof. Since it absorbs water, moisture issues under the roof may arise. Upon its degradation and tear after some time, it may cause excess leakage.

On the other hand, felt has great longevity, 100% effectiveness in waterproofing, and a better alternative. Therefore, if your roof uses tar paper, replacing it with felt could make all the difference.


The roof is quite a sensitive, important part of your house. Its maintenance should be done frequently to ensure that you can see a problem before it is too late. Roofing Services Lanham can help with the inspection and repair, but you must choose well for better results. Ensure that you know the above 5 things about your roof since they help plan for that essential roof maintenance.

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