5 Trending Window Styles For Home Remodeling

5 Trending Window Styles For Home Remodeling

Your windows’ style and design have a great impact on the overall look of the home. Using the right windows can enhance the curb appeal of your home big time. It can make your house look spacious, inviting, and modern. You can also play around with the window designs and frames for a new and fresh look. 

If remodeling your home is on your mind, here are five of the most popular window styles that you should consider. 

Casement Windows:

A very popular window style that allows plenty of air to flow in the house. It is operated via a crank system and the window panel is maneuvered using a vertical or a side hinge. Hand cranks installed at the base of the window make it easy to open and close. Casement windows come with a variety of design options and are quite energy efficient.

Double Hung Windows:

This is again a widely preferred window style as it is a stylish as well as a practical design. There are two sashes or panels in double-hung windows and both of them are moveable. You can open either the top part of the bottom panel depending on your suitability. It is easy to use and also provides the house with various ventilation options. You can play around with the design and size of the glasses used on the sashes; either use a single glass on either panel or multiple framed glasses for a different look.

Tilt and Turn Windows:

Tilt and turn windows are increasingly popular with houses going for a remodel as it offers a dual ventilation option. The tilt function allows for top ventilation thereby enabling hot, stuffy air to move out of the house. The turn function helps in increased airflow through the windows and keeps the house feeling airy. There are several ways to jazz up the frames, you can opt for metal or wooden frames to suit the interior of the house. You can also play around with the glass panel design for a different look.

French Windows:

French windows do an amazing job in giving a small space a spacious feel. They are elegant and lets a lot of air and sunshine into your house. This classic style of windows is very popular among homeowners seeking a house remodeling. You can opt for a metal frame or a wooden frame depending on your taste and style.

Sliding Windows:

With a modern, clean, functional look, sliding windows are the go-to choice for many homeowners who want a durable and inexpensive window option. The sliding windows slide on tracks that are present both above and below in the window frame. It is functional, easy to clean and maintain, making it a very popular choice for house remodeling.

A quick google search of ‘window replacement near me’ can connect with many service providers, but doing your homework beforehand is always helpful. When you explore your choices when it comes to window replacement and remodeling, you will be spoilt for choices with all the options at your disposal. Choose the design that offers protection from noise, pollution, dust, and rain for a better value.

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