5 Types of Damage That Require Window Replacement

5 Types of Damage That Require Window Replacement

There are many ways to get heat, cold, and moisture into your home, but one of the easiest paths is through your windows. It’s true that windows are hardy, but they aren’t indestructible. There are a variety of things that can damage and insecure your windows, including high temperatures, snow, and wind.

Repairs will not always be able to reverse all window damage. There are some cases where the damage is beyond repair, so you will have to contact a professional window contractor to handle the replacement.

Knowing what causes most types of window damage is the right way to fix them. In this blog, Valor Home’s window replacement expert shares five types of damages that require window replacements.

Framing shrinks

When exposed to temperature fluctuations, window frames may shrink and expand. This means that your window frame is incapable of withstanding sudden changes in temperature, which ultimately leads to damage, deformation, or shrinkage.

Condensation Problems

In most cases, condensation does not need to be worried about – as long as it does not occur between the window panes. If so, it means that your window’s seal has been broken, allowing air and moisture to enter through gaps in the material. In this case, your window is in need of replacement because it is no longer insulating as well as it used to.

Failed hardware

It is time to replace your windows if your locks and other hardware are failing. The best option for ensuring seamless, smooth, and reliable functionality is to install updated hardware rather than repairing damaged hardware.

Squeaky windows

When windows are difficult to open and close due to balance issues, they produce a squeaking sound. It is common for this problem to occur over time with aging hardware, and it can also develop as a result of internal rot. It is possible to get the window back to normal by having the window installation expert adjust it. If you’re looking at a long-term solution, the installation of new windows is your best option.


As a result of moisture damage, wooden window frames frequently have this problem. The visual appeal of your home will be lowered when your window frames are rotten and deteriorating. As a result of rot, your property may become vulnerable to air leaks, which can have an adverse effect on energy efficiency. Vinyl or aluminum replacement windows are a better alternative to avoid this problem. These materials are weather-resistant and stable, so they can handle even the most challenging weather conditions.


We at Valor Home can replace your new windows with better and more modern windows. Regardless of the type of damage your windows may suffer, our window replacement experts provide impeccable window solutions. For a free estimate on your window installation project, give us a call today. When it comes to window replacement near me or window installations near me, you don’t have to stress over finding a reliable window contractor. Our company proudly serves the areas of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

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