6 Expert Tips for a Successful Bathroom Makeover

6 Expert Tips for a Successful Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom remodeling is not something you want to do half-heartedly. It is an opportunity to upgrade to the space to create a bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. But doing it right is mandatory as one wrong step can dig a hole in your budget and cause unnecessary stress. There are many small things to consider for a bathroom makeover—fixtures, surface materials, cabinetry, bath area, electrical needs, plumbing needs, and more.

Here are 6 things you must consider for a successful bathroom makeover:

1. Planning is the Key

A detailed plan is a must before starting the bathroom makeover. The plan should include every small thing your bathroom will need—from surface materials to fixtures, bathroom cabinets, and even shower curtains. No matter how small it sounds, you need to plan them. Also, plan the budget for the makeover. Account for everything you need and desire to have. Having a vision board might help. When you plan the project in detail, the chances of going over budget go thin and you know exactly what you get in the end.

2. Bathtub—Yes or No?

Some experts advise going for a bathtub as it helps to maintain the wet space separately. However, the requirement is absolutely based on your personal choices. Eliminating the bathtub will cleave you with more open space. It’s all about the aesthetics you are looking for and your bath preferences. If you have a child in your family a free-standing tub is more appropriate than a bath/shower combo. However, if you are looking at a small space, the best option is to either go for a bath/shower combo or a free space to shower only.

3. Light Up the Bathroom

Lighting is crucial to create a space that lifts up your mood. Bathrooms have many uses than just to take shower. Adequate lighting not only will brighten up the space but also helps you see things better while you are shaving or something of that sort. Figure out what natural light sources you have and place the lights in a way that avoids casting shadows.

4. Surface Materials for Bathroom Remodeling

Durable and easy-to-maintain materials, such as porcelain and reconstituted stone, is your best bet for bathroom surfaces. Natural stones are although the classic choice and look great, they are not so easy to maintain. Choose 3 stones or tiles for flooring, wet space, an accent wall. You may also go for wallpapers.

5. Waterproofing, Electricity, and Plumbing

Don’t try to go cheap on waterproofing, electricity needs, or plumbing. Go for only the best and licensed bathroom remodeling contractors in Annapolis, MD, and around. You don’t want to deal with problems like frequent water seepage or worse. It can also lead to unwanted accidents.

6. Consider your Future Needs

You are not going to do a bathroom makeover every year. Its time consuming and heavy on pocket. So consider your future needs. Are you looking to have a kid in the future? Will there be elderly members? Are you looking to increase the resale value? Consider your needs for at least 5-10 years from the makeover.

I hope these 6 bathroom remodeling tips have helped you start considering your options. But don’t feel you have to go it alone. Consult with the expert and get free estimation for your bathroom remodeling project. From standing showers to whirlpool tubs, Valor Home is known for its excellent custom bathrooms.

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