6 Reasons You Should Convert Your Tub To A Shower

Six Reasons You Should Convert A Tub To A Shower

You can make your house look and feel like new by replacing your bathtub with ADA-compliant showers when remodeling your bathroom. Most homeowners consider eco-friendliness and cost-savings when renovating a bathroom.

There is no doubt that replacing your shower can increase the value and appearance of your home, however, the time and money you spend on shower installation can be vastly outweighed by its benefits.

Here are six top reasons why you should opt for tub-to-shower conversion for your home.

1. Environmentally friendly

Showers are more environmentally friendly than baths since they use less water. Average showers require 20 gallons of water, on average, for a ten-minute session. An average bath uses almost half as much water as a standard bathtub, which requires 36 gallons per filling.

2. Suitable for the elderly

A walk-in accessible shower, particularly one with a flat base, can be easier to get into and out of for aging family members. By avoiding the risks associated with the high walls of a bathtub, you can make your loved one’s life safer and prevent falls.

3. Boost curb appeal

There is no question that bathrooms are becoming an increasingly significant part of the home. The most popular bathroom upgrades are shower additions or bathtub replacements. Showers with glass enclosures are more popular than bathtubs.

4. Increase the Resale Value of Home

Homeowners prefer walk-in showers over traditional bathtubs on average. The value of your home could be made or broken by shower replacement upgrades if you plan on selling it. Most potential buyers prefer to buy a house with an updated bathroom including a shower installation.

5. Reduce your space requirements

If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, you may end up using most of the space there. ADA-compliant walk-in showers can allow you to store more items and increase the size of the bathroom.

6. Budget-friendly accessories

You don’t have to spend a fortune replacing your bathtub. The cost of a shower kit is much less than an upgraded shower and you still get all the benefits. You can also upgrade your finish or hardware if you want to give your space a stylish look.

Hire The Best Bathroom Replacement Service Provider

Valor Home’s experienced specialists understand how difficult it can be to transform a bathroom with an installed bathtub. The members of our team have extensive experience and are qualified to remodel bathrooms and upgrade homes. Our experts also offer in-home consultations and a free estimate as part of our bathroom redesigning process. We help you determine the appropriate concept, design, usability, and aesthetics. In order to ensure that your shower upgrade is customized according to your lifestyle and space, all of these options are available.

Contact Valor Home if you’re thinking about increasing the size of your bathroom by converting it to a shower. We can help you make your space feel like a new one by setting up a consultation with our experienced team.

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