7 Simple Tips On How To Fix A Leaking Roof

Has a rainstorm caused your ceiling to leak? Is your roof leaking, and you’re looking for a roofing contractor near me who can pinpoint the source? Roof leaks are very frustrating as you may have to call a roofing company to replace your roof.

In this blog, the roofing replacement experts at Valor Home have outlined seven simple tips on how to fix a leaking roof.
Identify the source

A roof that leaks from rain is a sign that something is allowing water to get in. Make sure your roof doesn’t have any other problems like clogged gutters, pest infestations, or plumbing problems that are letting rainwater into your home. Ensure that your roof and ceiling do not have any damage to the tiles and drywall.

Small holes in Roof

It can take years for water to penetrate and cause damage to your roof if nail holes are left behind from old vents or anything else attached to it previously. A piece of roof flashing can be slipped underneath the shingle to fill in the nail or screw holes. Seal the top and bottom edges of the flashing with caulk or roof cement. Roofing contractors can replace the damaged shingles permanently for a more long-term solution.

Check Roof & Plumbing Vents

You might want to check plumbing and roof vents to see if water is entering from those areas. In metal vent pipe flashing, look for cracks in the seams or cracks in the base of the rubber flashing. To prevent water from entering the base of the roof vents, cracked vents should be replaced. The plumbing vent boot can be replaced if necessary and the roof base can be secured with washer-head roofing screws.

Tree Damage

There is no limit to the damage a tree can do to a roof. The surrounding trees around your home need to be checked and monitored annually to ensure that they are healthy and stable. To avoid possible roof damage, it might be necessary to remove older trees in some cases. It’s better to have a professional roofing contractor repair a roof leak that has been caused by a falling tree or other debris.

Damaged or missing shingles

The shingles on your roof should be repaired as soon as possible if they have been damaged. Take extra care not to damage the surrounding shingles or roof deck when removing nails with a pry bar. A water-soluble sealant and roofing nails can be used to replace the shingle. Remember that if you replace your own shingles without consulting a certified roofing replacement contractor, you could lose your warranty.

Clogged Gutter

A clogged gutter can also cause roof leaks. When debris builds up in the gutter, it is impossible for it to function properly as a drainage system. The gutter can begin to pool water and cause the shingles to swell. Your gutters should be kept clean and clutter-free. Your roofing company may be able to install leaf guards on your gutters to solve this problem.

Keep joints sealed

Roof leaks may occur more frequently if they originate from joints. Gaps in the roof, as well as chalk and aluminum flashings at surfaces that join, can allow rainwater into your home. Sealant or cement can be used to close these areas, such as chimneys and valleys. The sealant should only be applied to a dry, debris-free surface. In case of larger cracks in your roof, you will need new flashing instead of sealant.


In order to prevent unexpected roof leaks, you need to understand what is causing the leak. To inspect and fix roof leaks, it is best to hire a professional and reliable roofing contractor.

Our roof replacement experts at Valor Home can restore your roof to its original condition. There is a lot of complexity involved in identifying the true cause of roof leaks, and our team is trained and experienced in handling this.

With years of experience in roof replacement, our experts are available to handle any roofing issues. Get in touch with us today if you are still searching for local roofers near me.

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