7 Tips to Protect Windows from Rain & Bad Weather

7 Tips to Protect Windows from Rain & Bad Weather
Is there a way to protect windows from rain, bad weather, and storms? As you may know from experience, the majority of these elements’ impact goes through your windows.

It is sometimes impossible to predict the destruction caused by severe weather. However, homeowners can do their part to protect homes from damage by taking preventative measures in the event of severe storms or rainy weather.

Keep reading to learn 7 tips curated by Valor Home’s expert home window installers on the topic of protecting windows from rain and bad weather.

#1: Use storm shutters

When a storm is approaching, storm shutters are the most preferred method of protecting windows. Although shattered glass is still the most serious problem, solid shutters can provide some protection to your window frames. The most durable shutters will use aluminum, steel, or polycarbonate to cover glass windows.

#2: Prune the trees

Storms can snap large branches of trees from surrounding your house, so it is always advisable to trim your trees ahead of bad weather. You may experience serious damage to your window, roof, car, and power lines if your trees have long, gangly limbs. If you do prune your trees or clip long branches, be sure to clean them up promptly. Loose vegetation in your yard could be dangerous.

#3: Try using a security window film

Window replacement experts recommend polyester films that adhere to glass and prevent thousands of pieces from flying into your house in case the glass breaks. Films are adhered to glass using adhesive glue. A variety of glass types can be coated with them, including laminated, toughened, and annealed glasses. In addition to being highly affordable, they can also protect your home from UV rays.

#4: Update your roof prior to the rainy season

It is important to secure the roof of the house properly during storms and heavy rains in order to prevent any damage to the windows. If you want your roof to be durable during severe weather, make sure you complete work on it before the rainy season. Ensure that chimneys and vent pipes are sealed.

#5: Cover your windows with plywood

A plywood window protection option is another great alternative for those lacking the time or resources to install storm shutters. According to our home window replacement experts, plywood is a simple and inexpensive method of protecting windows. In order to provide full coverage for the duration of the storm, ensure that the plywood is larger than the pane and the frame.

#6: Remove all outdoor items

Whenever bad weather approaches, our window replacement experts recommend packing up gardening tools, lawn furniture, sporting equipment, and any other items that could blow away and placing them somewhere safe. Storms and heavy rains can cause strong winds to pick up debris outside, which can end up inside your house.

#7: Consider installing tempered glass windows

Tempered glass with high impact is made up of two pieces that are joined by a polymer chemical. In order for the glass to become compressible and stronger, they are heated until the center burns hot. In addition to saving time, high-impact window installation reduces the need for frequent repairs and changes during severe weather events.

Get Ready for Storm Season with Valor Home

It is possible to protect your windows ahead of a big storm, whether you nail plywood over the windows, install shutters, or use specialized glass that is more chip-resistant. 

Valor Home has window replacement and installation experts who are trained to advise homeowners on the best window protection options. You can count on our expert window replacement and installation services in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.

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