Basement Bathroom: Use your Basement’s full potential!

Basement Bathroom: Use your Basement's full potential!

Who doesn’t want some extra space in their abode? Often, the basement is an uncharted space that can take the shape of a game room, extra bedroom, gym, or wet bar. All these possibilities call for a basement bathroom so that you don’t have to trudge upstairs when nature calls. Plus, it adds resale value to your home. However, adding a bathroom to your basement is a little trickier than upstairs—the biggest challenge being the plumbing.

Your basement is underused if you don’t have a basement bathroom. Here are the things to consider to go for the remodeling of your basement.

Plumbing is the Key

Unless you’re planning the basement bathroom at the stage of construction, you need to make a new plumbing plan. This will obviously escalate the budget. If you already have a plumbing plan though, the remodeling process can go much easier on your pocket.

For a basement bathroom remodeling from scratch, you may need to dig into your foundation, which can be a big undertaking. You may not necessarily need to jackhammer concrete as the professional bathroom contractors know other sneaky ways including upflushing toilets, compostable toilets, or sewer ejector systems. So talk to the contractors and figure out what works for you. Ideally, the new bathroom should be placed closer to the existing plumbing and electrical wiring whenever possible.

What Purpose Do You Want the Bathroom Basement For?

You can utilize the basement bathroom either completely and have long bubble baths and wash clothes along, or have a small “just in case” bathroom. Accordingly, think if you need a half bath or a full one.

Remember that the basement is typically prone to dampness. So take careful consideration to eliminate the potential of mold or mildew. One thing to remember is to look around regularly to catch any leakage or dampness before it causes a disaster.

Let There Be Light!

Basements have a reputation of being dark and dingy so consider adding the necessary light sources. If there is no option of getting natural light, artificial lights are your way out.

To go about all the remodeling works to be done start with contacting your local building authority. Different residential zones have different rules and regulations. So check the zoning ordinances and restrictions and plan accordingly. The most important step is choosing the right contractor for the job, however. The right contractor will save you valuable time and money. Get free consultations and decide for yourself.

Previously known as RenVision, Valor Bath is the new branding of our second-generation, family-owned, and operated remodeling contractor serving Central Maryland. With more than a decade and a half of successful bathroom remodeling experience, we have been helping homeowners improve their home interiors ever since our beginning in 2000.

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