Bathroom Remodeling: How to Add Value to Your Home!

Bathroom Remodeling in Annapolis, MD

Did you know bathroom remodeling can increase your home value? It is an essential part of any home that can often get overlooked. There can be an underlying plumbing issue or a drainage issue. A functional and stylish bathroom improves the salability of your home and your lifestyle.

How much a bathroom renovation actually increases home value?

On average, homeowners can get up to 67.2% back of their midrange renovations costs while reselling. So imagine you get to enjoy a fully functional and trendy bathroom and also get more than half of your investment back when selling the property. Win-Win! On the other hand, for upscale renovations, the recoup revenue is around 60.2%.

This specifically gives an idea of how your bank balance is going to shine. But, let’s not forget the happiness and functionality scores of a bathroom remodeling.

The innate satisfaction or enjoyment of having a more aesthetically pleasing, more functional space is immeasurable with money. The homeowners who hire a professional and those who undertake the project on their own—the joy remains the same when the result is as desired.

5 High-Value Bathroom Remodeling Ideas:

Here are the 5 bathroom remodeling projects that give the best value back and increase the aesthetics immediately.

  • New plumbing fixtures: New fixtures can make the entire space look more modern, pleasing, and inviting. Getting modern faucets and showerheads won’t break the bank but definitely will increase the bathroom value. Pick fixtures that complement the rest of your bathroom in terms of color, style, and mood.
  • Vanity upgrades: Consider upgrading the entire vanity if you can afford a little more upgrade. Not just the faucets, but look for suitable new cabinetry and sinks. There are vanity kits available that come as a set, already put together keeping in mind an attractive bathroom look.
  • A fresh coat of paint: Sometimes, even just fresh paint on the walls can make a great difference. This will hide any stains, signs of mildew, or other water damages as well. This can also be done as a DIY project but make sure to address the source of the water damage marks.
  • Flooring adjustments: The bathroom floor can lose its shine and original color over time. The renovation process may become a little heavy but the results will be dramatic. Renovating the bathroom floor will surely make a huge difference.
  • Energy-efficiency updates: Being energy-efficient is not just the trend of the hour but also taking responsibility for the environment. An energy-efficient modern bathroom is sure to increase your home value. Your shower, sink, and toilet can all be optimized for low flow (less water usage), savings on your water bill. While buying the fixtures, just opt for the products that promise efficiency.

If having a bathroom that you enjoy matters to you, then go for a renovation right away! However, if you are only looking for reselling at a short notice, you need to consider a little more. The bathroom remodeling or renovation is like icing on a cake. With more than 30+ years of successful bathroom remodeling experience, Valor Home has been helping homeowners improve their home interiors ever since our beginning in 2000. Get free estimation for any bath remodeling services you are aiming for.

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