Bathroom Trends Of 2022: Expert-Approved Looks For Your Home

Bathroom Trends Of 2022 - Expert-Approved Latest Looks For Your Home

In 2022, industry insight predicts that bathrooms will become even more stylish and environmentally friendly.

Check out this blog to make an informed choice about bathroom renovations and select the latest trends in bathroom remodeling. These are the latest bathroom trends in 2022, which are practical and will blend seamlessly with your home interior.

1. Tiles

As we move forward, the trend of clean and classic subway tiles that was popular a few years ago will make way for a more natural and eco-friendly aesthetic in design. In 2022, incorporating off-colors in bathroom tiles will be a great way to embrace this new trend.

Additionally, we can expect tiled feature walls to gain popularity in bathroom designs, especially in shower cubicles and behind sinks. It is important to note that floor tiles and separate showers serve as the foundation of any well-designed bathroom.

2. Plants

A new trend in bathrooms is to incorporate some greenery. For example, a moss-covered wall adds an element of freshness to the bathroom. If you want the green backsplash to stand out, it is best to choose a darker color for the walls. You can add some extra greenery to the bathroom by placing a pair of houseplants in a corner.

3. Marble

It is not new for bathrooms to include marble slabs; however, these luxury stone slabs will become more popular than ever for bathrooms in 2022. Marble adds a touch of luxury to any bathroom. The most popular choices are black or white-colored marble with distinct veins that run through the stone. Black marble expresses a sleek, modern look, while white marble has a classic finish.

4. Pastel Colors

It’s all about pastels this year. Light colors give the bathroom a peaceful and relaxing vibe. Make your shower area look bright and spacious by using white tiles and white fittings. Add a floating vanity unit and a backlit mirror to make the space look bigger and better and maximize the impact of your freshly painted walls. 

5. Spa-Inspired Aesthetics

This year and in the future, we can expect to see a rise in spa-inspired bathrooms. Wet rooms and walk-in showers are becoming more popular choices over traditional baths. Additionally, there is a shift towards larger shower spaces, moving away from smaller cubicles. To create a luxurious and indulgent spa-inspired bathroom, elements such as lavish baths, subtle lighting, and high-quality showers all play a crucial role.

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