Common Gutter Issues and Solutions To Fix Them

Common Gutter Issues and Their Fixes

Gutters serve a single purpose: they direct water away from your home’s foundation. It is essential to keep your foundation in excellent condition, as it is basically what holds your entire home together. Your gutters also must be maintained properly, so they may do their job in keeping your foundation dry and intact.

What are some of the most common issues that gutter maintenance causes, and how can you fix them? There are 5 common gutter issues that homeowners are likely to incur. Valor Home, your local gutter contractor, provides the right solutions to these issues.

#1: Sagging Gutters

Having a dip in the line of your gutters allows water to stay there and does not allow it to properly drain into the ground. As a result, the gutter section might sag further or collapse altogether due to excess stress on the brackets.

Solution: It is a quick and simple process when it comes to repairing the sagging gutter. You just need to tighten all the screws along the gutter. You may reinforce the gutter system and save future repairs by adding a few extra screws between those that are already present.

#2: Leaking Gutters

You must inspect your gutters for leaks after a storm has hit. If left unchecked, a leaky gutter can gradually damage the underlying foundation and structure beneath the leak.

Solution: After identifying the leak in your gutter, repairing it is a simple procedure. For big holes, you can cut a strip of sheeting to cover the hole and cement it to repair the gutter leak. If the hole is small, use a putty knife to apply a little amount of plastic roofing cement.

#3: Blocked Gutters

For most homeowners, the biggest problem is dirty gutters. To clean out the gutters, you will need to climb the roof and remove all the dirt that is accumulated. When gutters are full, they will result in drainage problems, resulting in overflow, leading to foundation erosion.

Solution: To repair overflowing gutters, you’ll need to clean the dirt that has formed over the year. Installing gutter guards is an excellent approach to avoid this recurring problem.

#4: Inappropriately Sloped Gutters

An improperly sloped gutter is one of the more difficult gutter issues to find. If your gutter is not draining properly and there are no clear leaks, the problem could be due to improper gutter angling.

Solution: You may want to pitch the gutter at two different drainage spouts in the middle of the length that exceeds 40 feet. The proper slope for gutters is 12 inches over 10 feet. To repair a badly angled gutter, remove the hardware and measure the pitch again, before hanging the gutter again.

#5: Damaged Gutters

Gutter damage is impossible to avoid without regular maintenance. Even if your home is far from tree branches and hailstorm regions, gutter erosion will occur if your gutters are not properly maintained.

Solution: It is difficult to decide whether your gutters need repair or replacement, and replacing them is an expensive task. You might want to consult our professionals to see if they can repair them. The experts at Valor Home know how to spot gutter damage that is easily overlooked.

If you do not catch these problems before they cause potential damages, you’ll need to hire a professional for gutter repair or gutter replacement. It is essential to remember that with appropriate installation from trusted gutter companies like Valor Home, these issues can be avoided for years.

If you need help fixing your gutter problems, call the pros at Valor Home. Our team of professional contractors has the know-how needed to fix these problems and others. Call us today! 

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