Decorating Trends for This Year’s Bathroom Remodel

Decorating Trends for This Year’s Bathroom Remodel

Are you keen to transform your bathroom into a restful place with stylish fixtures and surfaces? Incidentally, hygiene continues to be a significant factor, especially in high-traffic spaces such as bathrooms. You can expect interiors with antimicrobial fixtures and easy-to-clean surfaces. Check out these top decorating trends for this year’s bathroom remodeling.

  1. Medicine Cabinets and Back-Lit Mirrors

Mirrors with simple shapes and attractive lighting can be decorative, as well as, functional. A back-lit mirror gives an illuminating effect on your bathroom wall and gives the illusion of a floating mirror. You can use this effect to highlight the textured wall surfaces or create a focal point.

  1. Industrial Styled Vanities & Sinks

It is a current style but may not be suitable for everyone. The coming year will see an increasing demand for these types of sinks and vanities in bathrooms. Expect funky tile patterns, wooden accents, and metal finish in newly remodeled bathrooms.

An industrial vanity comes with a modern and classy look and gels well with the stylish remodeling trend. Industrial sinks can feature brass and gold accents and black fixtures with a matte finish to give your bathroom a modern look.

  1. Compact Storage Spaces

Messy and crammed cabinet spaces can make your bathroom look unorganized. The new bathrooms are all set to minimize the space required for item storage. Bathrooms will feature compacted shelves, cabinets, and storage areas in a simplified manner to promote minimalist habits. You may note this for your upcoming bathroom renovations project.

Designers believe this lifestyle will assist in reducing stress and also keep you better organized. The other parts of your house may not be as minimal. However, the bathroom is a relaxation retreat, and compact storage spaces can offer just that. Modern wall shelving and hidden cabinets will make your bathroom less cluttered. As such, your entire bathroom will feel more organized and open.

  1. Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the sturdiest natural materials and is also resistant to staining and scratching. It is also simple to maintain. Quartz countertops in your bathroom can comfortably keep up with your regular cleaning exercise. Also, as the surface of a quartz countertop is non-porous, it is less susceptible to bacteria growth.

It is a crucial characteristic in a damp space in sync with the contemporary-leaning bath designs of today. Quartz countertops have fewer seams and sleek profiles and need low maintenance.

  1. Straight Pattern or Stack Bond Tile

It may be baffling to ascertain which layout to opt for when you plan to tile the walls or floors. The straight pattern or stack-bond is popular these days. When you install tiles above each other, you will get a neat and striking design. It is also a great look to highlight other features in your bathroom.

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