Essential Tips to Repair the Roof after Storm Damage

Essential Tips to Repair the Roof after Storm Damage

First things first! Natural disasters, like snow, hail, wind, or rainstorms are beyond anybody’s control, and repairing your house after the storm damage is no DIY project. If you have roof damage caused by wind and or flying debris, it’s essential to look after such smaller damages right away because the longer you wait, the more damage will occur. However, to repair the roof after storm damage, professional roof replacement and roof repair are always recommended.

Whether it’s thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail storms, or hurricanes—first and foremost, you must identify the extension of the damage, and the kind of damage will largely depend on the type of storm that hit your roof. Here are some common causes of damage to a residential roof after a storm.

High Winds Damage:

Strong winds, thunderstorms, and tornadoes can lift shingles off your roof, leading to water damage to the attic, chimney, interior ceilings, and walls. 

● Hail Damage:

Small dimples to cracks and breaks in shingles—hail storms often cause damage beyond a DIY fix. Consult a professional local roofing company to assess the damage to repair the roof.

● Fallen Debris:

Storms bring various debris on your roof. The most common one is tree branches. They can crack the roofing open, bend gutters, or even damage the flashing of the house.

● Snow and Ice:

Snowfalls are lovely, but after a heavy snowfall, the roof is almost impossible to clean up, making it difficult to remove the excess weight on your roof in a timely manner. This burden on the roof can result in breakages and leaks. Water spots after snowstorms can also signal improper roofing ventilation. So don’t overlook the signs.

Repair the Roof after Storm Damage

Do a Thorough Checkup after Storm Damage

Run a simple visual inspection of your roof and property after a storm. You don’t need any professional help with that. Just inspect every part such as the attic, ceilings and walls, visible roof area, ground, etc., from inside and out, looking for any cracks, fallen debris, and damages. Take note of the damage and act on them as soon as possible so that a roofing specialist can repair them. 

Even if you have inspected the major damages, don’t shy away from taking a professional examination. Checking the top of the roof thoroughly is not an easy job. You may cause further damage to the house and yourself. Consulting a GAF certified roofing specialist is highly recommended to repair the roof. With roofing professionals, you get reliable, accurate results from your roof inspection without missing a single detail.

Tips to Repair the Roof

Claim Insurance to Repair the Roof after Storm Damage

If you and your neighbors have storm roof damage after a strong storm, you may want to file a claim. Contact your insurance agent for guidance. Work with a professional roofing company to make repairs or replacements, as required. Think long-term, beyond just the cost, and inquire about their credentials to repair the roof and get the best results.

Your roof deserves special attention because it is a cruicial element of protecting your home and preventing even more damage from occurring in the future. Don’t settle for an imperfect residential roof replacement. The Valor Home team treats your home like their own. We’re always happy to answer questions about your roof and offer you the best repair and replacement services possible.

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