Everything You Need To Know About Roof Replacement

Everything you need to know about roof replacement

It seems you have searched for roofing services or are interested in knowing about what different repair or replacement methods or techniques are there. Well, you have reached the right page. Valor Home, a trusted roofing contractor serving Lanham, Annapolis, Cape Saint Claire, Parole, Arnold, Crownsville, Edgewater, Severna Park & Davidsonville, talks about a roof replacement.

#1. What is roofing replacement?

The removal of the damaged layer of shingles to expose the deck and application of new shingles is called roofing replacement. It’s a better but a bit more expensive option than re-roofing, where a separate layer of new shingles is applied on the top of the damaged ones. Reroofing is only possible once and it also has a lower lifespan than roof replacement. On the other hand, you can opt for roofing replacement any number of times.  

#2. How long does a newly replaced roof last?

It may last as long as 20 years when appropriately done following the right roofing process and using genuine material. The expertise of the roofing contractors makes a lot of difference in your roofing work.

#3. What is the roofing replacement process?

The roofing replacement process has three steps.  

#a. Roof damage assessment

A roofing contractor reviews the roof to know the extent of the damage. If the damage is limited to shingles only, it will take less time and investment. The replacement of the deck is a costly affair. You have to vacate the house till the time it’s under repair. Attention to detail is important while assessing the condition of the roof.

#b. Removal of the damaged shingles/deck

The removal of the damaged shingles is carried out. The time and complexity of removal depend upon the number of layers of shingles present. The deck is the foundation of the roof, and if it has turned rotten, you shouldn’t think twice about getting it replaced. It will increase your budget, but you should be ready to pay for it considering the protection the roof provides to walls, floors, and most importantly your loved ones.

#c. Installing an underlayment or felt paper

The underlayment is laying on the deck to protect it from rain, moisture, or extremes of other climatic factors. It can be made up of a synthetic polymeric scrim material or waterproof adhesive component. It comes in a roll, and when spread over the deck surface it sticks to it with the adhesive provided on its surface. Polymeric scrim has a high tear strength but it’s costlier than the self-adhesive underlayment. Both underlayment types reduce slippage and improve walkability. 

#d. Installation of shingles

Shingles are placed over the underlayment in the right pattern to allow smooth drainage of rainwater. You also have to focus on the strength and durability aspects. There are different shingle choices – asphalt, metal, and tile. Know the pros and cons of each type from your roof replacement contractor. Depending upon the climate factors like temperature, snowfall, humidity in your area, the expert will suggest you the right material. What is suited best for a home in Arnold will not be so great for one in Severna Park & Davidsonville. The behavior of the raw material of shingles may also affect the temperature and other conditions under the roof. It affects your electricity consumption too.

#4. How much does roof replacement cost?

The roof replacement cost depends upon several factors, including the roof elevation and height, steepness, the extent of roof damage, the cost of underlayment, shingles, and other materials you need, the overall roof area, and your location. You can round-up the factors into three parts: first, difficulty in performing the task; second, the quality of materials, and third, the design or luxury you want.

Ask for roofing replacement estimates from different roofing contractors in your area and make a wise decision after comparing all aspects. If your home is insured, your insurance company may estimate the cost using a roof replacement calculator.

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