Everything You Need To Know About Winter Roof Replacement

Everything You Need To Know About Winter Roof Replacement

It’s true that a winter roof replacement is often frowned upon, but when it’s time for a roof replacement, there’s nothing much you can do to avoid it. It’s never a good idea to postpone a roof replacement after all. While, re-roofing might seem more attractive, a roof replacement is much more cost-effective and serve you for longer time. So, when its time, there are a few things you need to know for winter roof replacement in Maryland.

Expect A Shorter Waiting Time Of Winter Roof Replacement Services

As most roof installations are done during Summer and Spring, Winters are usually less busy for the contractors. You will get services at best prices for sure and there will be much less waiting time. The roofers will be able to give your requirements the extra attention and give unique solutions and services. Allow your roofing contractor to review the roof to know the extent of the damage and advise the right solution given the weather conditions and your budget.

Hire Reliable Roofing Contractors Only

The availability of and cost of roofing contractors are desirable in the winter months, but the reliability is still the most important concern. There will always be someone offering you cheaper prices but are they reliable enough to handle your precious roof? In winters, the roofers will have to work through much harsher weather conditions. They would need more skills and experience to work with so many challenges. They would also have to plan the work according to the weather conditions. So, a local roofing company with plenty of experience and a reputation to maintain is your best bet.

Asphalt Shingles Will Be Difficult To Handle In Cold Winters

Choosing the right material is important. Asphalt is the most popular option for roofing shingles, but they become extremely difficult to work with during colder months. The biggest issue comes in the application of sealcoating. It takes longer time to set, and the asphalt shingles get more brittle. They can accumulate ice inside if the temperature is such and its snowing. Your trusted roofer must have the experience to handle such situations and advice you on the materials.

Must Plan the Process Around The Weather Conditions

It can snow in Maryland and its out of question to even think about roof replacement during that. It’s even next to impossible to work just after a snowstorm. Your roofers can’t work the hammers, nails and other equipment properly wearing heavy gloves. It’s difficult to move around on the roof wearing heavy boots. The roof will get slippery with the snow and the weather is simply too harsh sometimes to even be outdoors. So, the roofing contractors must plan the services accordingly. You are at the mercy of the climate here.

Advantages of Roof Replacement in Winter:

Among many difficulties, let’s not forget the advantages of roof replacements, especially in winters.

  • Cheaper and more focused roofing services.
  • A new roof will better protect your home from snow, storms, etc.
  • A new roof will help better insulate your home.
  • A new roof will help keeping your home energy efficient.

There are some common roof problems you need to keep an eye on during the winters. Read here.

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