Five Things to Do If Your Roof Is Damaged By A Tree

5 Things to Do If Your Roof Is Damaged By A Tree

Occasionally, trees cause unavoidable roof damage. Even well-maintained trees can damage your roof if they fall upon it during high winds, heavy rains, or snowfall. This unprecedented event will need to be handled effectively by taking a few key steps. One of the most trusted roof replacement companies, Valor Home, shares five steps you should take after a tree damages your roof.

1. Immediately move out: Your roof’s structure may be compromised if a tree falls on it or punctures it. It’s unlikely that a well-maintained house will collapse due to a falling tree, but your family could still be at risk from falling debris. The best plan of action is to evacuate the house until an expert has assessed the damage.

2. Examine the roof damage: Before you call a roofing contractor, you should survey the area yourself before you call. Fallen trees can damage plumbing and gas lines and also pull down electrical wires. Get out of the house immediately if you smell gas, water leaks, or sparks. The issue should be reported to your utility provider so that they can shut off your service until it has been resolved.

3. Call your insurance company: Take a moment to contact your insurance company while you wait outside the house in safety. Documentation of the damage may need to be done by filling out paperwork or taking photos and videos. It will help in filing a claim once someone inspects the damage. It is highly recommended that you have a roofing contractor present during the insurance inspection.

4. Avoid removing the tree yourself: Rather than climbing on the roof to remove the tree yourself, you should hire a reliable roof contractor like Valor Home. If you need fast and reliable roof emergency service, we are the company to call. To recommend the most effective solution, our team of experienced technicians will perform a thorough assessment of the roof damage.

5. Call a roofing contractor: You may receive a call from your insurance company asking you to contact your roof replacement professional. If you want to prevent further interior damage, you may need a roofing contractor who can safely remove the tree and secure the area. Roofing companies like Valor Home, which specialize in roof damage, are the best choice.

Having a tree fall on your roof is one of the most disturbing incidents. Whenever you have a roofing issue, you can count on experts at Valor Home. When it comes to fixing old, damaged, or leaking roofs, our contractors have the experience to get the job done. Our roof replacement services are available throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. We have professionally trained and detail-oriented employees who can handle any roofing job efficiently and with precision.

We will be happy to come out and inspect your roof after a tree has damaged it and provide expert advice on what needs to be done next. Do not wait any longer to contact our team for assistance, as it might only make the problem more complex.

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