Flags for Veterans | Sgt. Welch

Flags for Veterans
Al Kincaid (left) Owner of Valor Roofing & SGT Welch (right) hold the Welcome Home Flag.

SGT Welch celebrated a wonderful day with VALOR this week. Mr. Welch was our 13th Raise the Roof recipient and received a brand new roof for his 41-year-old home. Mr. Welch is a Vietnam Veteran who served 3 tours overseas and was overwhelmed at the amount of attention he received… rightfully earned.

The ‘Welcome Home’ flag is a time-honored tradition and staple at Flags of Valor.  This flag is a tribute to the American Veterans who served in the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, many of them failed to receive a proper homecoming after doing their duty overseas.

This rustic wood American flag is our humble way of saying, “We remember you, and honor your service.” Our goal is not only to impact the exterior of the home but the interior as well. This wooden flag will make a statement inside Mr. Welchs’ home for as long as it hangs on the wall. Congratulations sir, and thank you for your dedication and service to our great nation.

Flags for Vets is our latest program for Valor ‘Veteran’ Customers. We have partnered with Flags of Valor to bring their beautiful woodworking abilities to our customers who served their country. After the last nail enters your roof, we deliver a custom flag for your whole family to enjoy. It is our way of welcoming vets to the Valor Family.

Flags for Vetes - Valor Home

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