Day #6 of the 13 Stars of Christmas
The DePaz Family

The DePaz Family: Day #6 of the 13 Stars of Christmas! We’re proud to support Operation Raise The Roof, because we feel that giving back is better than receiving. The free service we provide to our veterans allows them to use their savings and resources for other parts of their lives, like childcare, education, health care, and so many more financial needs.

Bayron de Paz (Dad), Son Wilmer (7), Jayler (3), all had a very special and early Christmas gift waiting for them this morning. The De Paz family was all smiles and thanks when we stopped by their home on this beautiful Monday. It is so nice to see the families we have chosen this Christmas, and they all have left us with something just as special; faith in humanity and our neighbors.

We would like to think that we have come out WAY ahead in the exchanging of gifts.

We are honored to have spent some time with them and wish them the very merriest Christmas this holiday season.



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