Day #7 of the 13 Stars of Christmas
The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family: Day #7 of the 13 Stars of Christmas! When we talk about giving back at Valor Home, we don’t offer lip service; we back up our beliefs by going into the community and helping out in any way we can.  Though most of our emphasis is on helping out armed service members for their service and sacrifice through programs like Flags for Valor or Operation Raise The Roof, we also reach out to our local community and give back.

Our seventh family was chosen for their kind-hearted nature and involvement in giving back to their community.  Mary Johnson is a proud mother who raise an amazing son, Tristian (10).  Mary told a touching story of how the last time they were at McDonalds Tristian saw a homeless person in need, and asked Mary if they could buy him breakfast which brought them both great joy.  After talking with Mary, we could see where Tristian got his spirit of giving from.  They were so grateful to be a part of our 13 Stars of Christmas event.

We are honored to have spent some time with them and wish them the very merriest Christmas this holiday season.



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