Day #3 of the 13 Stars of Christmas
The Payne Family

All of the programs we participate in are focused on giving back: Operation Raise the Roof, Operation Second Chance, Travis Manion Foundation, Windows for Warriors, and Flags for Vets. We are honored to take part in “The 13 Stars of Christmas” and we are excited to announce that we will continue this tradition for years to come.

Our third family has a name that might be contrary to the fact that they were a JOY to be around. Not a PAYNE at all! Mike Payne is a fantastic Father who loves his family immensely. He works hard, and is always on the go. His son Tucker (3) is a chip off the old block. He lives on his bike all hours of the day and smiled the whole time we were there. Sometimes a little care goes a long way, and you could feel how appreciative they all were.

We are honored to have spent some time with them and wish them the very merriest Christmas this holiday season.



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