Day #1 of the 13 Stars of Christmas
The Simonds Family

Valor Home is so very excited to share the 13 Day’s of Christmas. As we kick off this event we are reminded of our ideals and our mantra; to always give back, as often as we can. As our Founder Al Kincaid always tells us, “Don’t give till it hurts, give because it always feels good.” We agree and couldn’t be happier to share these special families with all of you.

Our first family was chosen for their dedication and special care that went into raising two wonderful boys. Carla and Jeffery have two sons, Jericho (16) and Valentino (19), and they are loved beyond reproach by their parents. Jericho is achieving tremendous grades at school and always is around to help around the house. Valentino is a joy to be around and just received his first job as a prep cook.

We are honored to have spent some time with them and wish them the very merriest Christmas this holiday season.

Join us tomorrow for day two of the 13 Days of Christmas!



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