19th Operation:  Raise The Roof
Honoring US Army CPL Charles Turner

As a part of the Valor Home, Operation: Raise the Roof Program, we honored our 19th Veteran, CPL Turner, for his dedication and service to our country during WWII.

CPL Charles Turner joined the United States Army and enlisted shortly before his 21st Birthday. CPL Turner went through some of the most difficult battles that are renown throughout the annals of our countries history. WWII was not only the war to end all wars, but it was a war that didn’t end when these brave men and women came home.

“I understand from my time in Vietnam the burden that comes home with you from war,” stated Al Kincaid, Founder of Valor Home. “When we met CPL Turner, you could see the strength of character he possessed. His grip was resolute and steady, to be certain. I was inspired by his ability to reflect with us and every moment was palpable as he explained his experiences.”

After the war, CPL Turner still dreams of the faces of the friends he lost. He is 99 years old now and he continues to share stories about the war with his friends and family. “I realize that it has impacted every single aspect of his life,” explained his granddaughter, Miss Angela Perkins. “I know he has tried his best to hide his anxiety, depression and PTSD. He’s not been coping well at all.”

CPL Turner is humble and as sharp as he has ever been, according to friends and family. He lives in a modest home he purchased in 1964. He raised his three children in this small home that is a little under 700 square feet.

CPL Turner lost his wife of 70 years in 2017 and this roof will ensure the foundation of love that is contained within.

Operation Raise the Roof was created by Valor Home to give back to service-disabled veterans in need of support.

Operation Raise the Roof now stands alone as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. While we believe all Veterans deserve a sturdy roof over their head, we focus on the most needing Veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam Wars as well as the families of fallen service members through our partnership with American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.

For more information on how you can support and donate to our mission, or to see pictures and videos of past recipients, visit OperationRTR.com or contact William Fisher Jr.: 833 83-VALOR or w.fisher@operationrtr.com.




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