18th Operation:  Raise The Roof
Honoring US Army SP4 Hearlie “Bee” Hendricks

As a part of the Valor Home, Operation: Raise the Roof Program, we are proud to honor SP4 Hendricks for his dedication and service to our country. Operation: Raise the Roof will provide a new roof to Mr. Hendricks. 

Hearlie “Bee” Hendricks was born in Saint Charles, West Virginia on May 23, 1947. He was the youngest of five and grew up in a small house at the top of a mountain, in a very poor coal mining town in the southernmost part of Virginia. When Hearlie was 17 he was drafted away from his senior year in high school into the Vietnam War.  

“Every time we honor a Veteran from the Vietnam Era, my memories of my own service, that are always ever-present, seem to be even stronger,” stated Al Kincaid, Founder of Valor Home and Vietnam Veteran. “Our ability to give back to heroes is by far the most rewarding thing I could imagine doing. We are truly honored to be a part of this brave soldier’s journey.”

After the war, Hearlie married his childhood sweetheart and had one daughter. He moved away from his hometown to learn a plumbing trade and worked very hard to buy his mother a home and build a secure place to live for his family.  

“I know he has tried his best to hide his anxiety, depression and PTSD,” says Mrs. Cindy Hendricks, Hearlie’s wife. “He’s not been coping well at all. He is 100% disabled and goes to the VA in Martinsburg. Hearlie’s PTSD has taken his enjoyment of life  from him. He is debilitated with anxiety, depression, and in pain. He is just not able to do the things he used to love to do.”

Operation Raise the Roof was created by Valor Home to give back to service-disabled veterans in need of support.

Operation Raise the Roof now stands alone as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. While we believe all Veterans deserve a sturdy roof over their head, we focus on the most needing Veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam Wars as well as the families of fallen service members thru our partnership with American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.

For more information on how you can support and donate to our mission, or to see pictures and videos of past recipients, visit OperationRTR.com or contact William Fisher Jr.: 833 83-VALOR or w.fisher@operationrtr.com.




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