16th Raise The Roof
Honoring US Army Specialist Tocarra R. Green

As a part of the Valor Home, Operation: Raise the Roof program, the parents of Specialist Toccara R.  Green, 23, of Rosedale, Maryland, who died serving her country honorably on August 14, 2005, in Al Asad, Iraq, will receive a new roof.  

“This will be our 16th event for a Veteran or a family of a fallen Veteran, and I can honestly say it fills us  with pride and sorrow at the same time. I don’t think I will ever get used to the feeling,” said Al Kincaid,  Co-Founder of Valor Home.

“When we started this initiative we had no idea the roads and stories we would navigate to be at this very spot. Our mission has never been clearer and we are committed to  transforming as many Veteran lives as possible through Operation: Raise the Roof.” 

Green was assigned the Army’s 57th Transportation Company, 548th Corps Support Battalion, Fort Drum, New York. She worked in transport operations, escorting and driving in convoys.

“She was destined for the military,” her brother, Garry, said at their parents’ home, during a gathering some years back. “She just wanted to make the family proud.” Garry Green, Jr., 26, a Marine stationed at Norfolk, Virginia, said his sister was in ROTC at Forest Park High School in Baltimore, from which she graduated  in 2000. His sister loved roller skating and working on cars, he remembered. And even though Toccara  was younger, “she always inspired me,” he said.  

Toccara helped restore morale within her unit constantly and was a leader amongst her peers. She had wanted to join the Army for a long time, but she tried college and working as a secretary before enlisting.

She went to boot camp in January 2003 and was three months from finishing her second tour of duty when she was killed, their mother, Yvonne explained.

Toccara Green didn’t want people to be upset about her death, Garry Green stated. Instead, she wants people “to remember her as a good person.” 

Operation Raise the Roof was created by Valor Home to give back to service-disabled veterans in need of support.

Operation Raise the Roof now stands alone as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. While we believe all Veterans deserve a sturdy roof over their head, we focus on the most needing Veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam Wars as well as the families of fallen service members thru our partnership with American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.

For more information on how you can support and donate to our mission, or to see pictures and videos of past recipients, visit OperationRTR.com or contact William Fisher Jr.: 833 83-VALOR or w.fisher@operationrtr.com.




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