Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to our brave men and women of the US Armed Forces!

Over the years Valor has learned a few things. We had to learn how to be nimble in our business model. We embraced our customer experience and standards at all costs. We uncovered that the ‘customer relationship’ is the most critical part of any business. These lessons came at a price of time, money, and hard work. All businesses experience these things and it is to be expected.

What we were unable to prepare for was the impact that our military would have on our company. It started with a concept: that Veterans deserved opportunity and have earned recognition for their valiant dedication to the United States of America.

Slowly, we began to work on that ethos and hired Veterans who were in need of a place to call their own. Where they felt like stakeholders and family. Today, we employ five Veterans and are always expanding in an effort to bring more home. The Valor Family believes that this is more important than ever, as Veterans transition into an unfamiliar workplace.

We Raise the Roof for our Brothers and Sisters-in-arms. Every Quarter we honor a Veteran with a brand new roof. We have impacted 13 Veterans over the last four years, contributing $140,000 to this initiative. Why? Because Al Kincaid (Owner), believes that companies need to do more. If he can inspire just one company to give back, he would consider it a monumental success for our legacy.

Yes, we have learned so much over the years. We have seen patrons cry, flipped through the pages of history, held memorabilia from days long past, and most importantly… we were forever changed by each story that entered our orbit.

Today, we stand proud of our Veterans who are carrying the
cause away from the Homefront. We salute our Veterans who are transitioning into a new life back home. We honor those no longer present. We promise to never forget the lesson we have learned: We are a Veteran company and we dedicate that we always will be. God bless our Veterans. Happy Veterans Day! – Team Valor

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