Home Roof Replacement: 6 Essential Preparation Tips

Home Roof Replacement: 6 Essential tips to prepare for!

When it comes to a necessary home roof replacement, procrastination is not the answer. Once you’ve determined that your roof needs replacing, it’s best to take action promptly.

Before the roofing contractor and their team begin the process, there are several important tips to consider in preparation for a home roof replacement.

1. Stay or Leave: It’s your decision whether to stay at home during the roof replacement. However, take into account the comfort of children, pets, and elderly family members. The process can be noisy and may cause anxiety, especially for those who are sound-sensitive.

2. Secure Interior Decoratives: As a precaution, secure decorative items, particularly those attached to the walls. The vibrations from the roof work can potentially knock off delicate items. Cover items in the attic to protect them from dust and debris. For valuables like chandeliers or glass wall hangings, exercise caution.

3. Secure the Workspace Perimeter: Trim branches that hang over the roof in advance, and cover the perimeter adjacent to your home with plants. Also, mow the lawn a day prior to the roof replacement to avoid moist freshly cut grass on the day of the project.

4. Relocate Your Vehicles: Make space for the contractor’s vehicles by moving your cars out of the driveway. This will prevent unnecessary delays if you need to leave the house during the day.

5. Remove Satellite Dishes and Antennas: If you have satellite dishes or antennas, consider removing them from the roof. Consult with your roofing contractor to inquire if they provide this service. Alternatively, they may handle the removal before commencing the replacement. After the roof replacement, you can contact your cable provider for reinstallation.

6. Identify Power Outlets: Determine the availability of outdoor or exterior power outlets. If there are none, the contractor may need to use a generator or access garage outlets. Ensuring access to electrical outlets is crucial for the roofing team’s work. In extreme cases, extension cords may need to be run through a window or door, but be mindful of the associated hazards.

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