Home Roof Replacement: 6 Essential tips to prepare for!

Home Roof Replacement: 6 Essential tips to prepare for!

A home roof replacement is undeniable when it comes to time. If you have figured out that you need a roof replacement, it’s better not to procrastinate. Let’s get the job done as soon as possible. If you are confused if you need a roof replacement or not, read 10 Warning Signs Your Roof Isn’t Safe Anymore. There are some things you need to think about before the roofing contractor and team start the process. 

You must consider the process and its effects on the property and residents. Here are the 6 most important tips to prepare for home roof replacement. 

Stay at Home Or, Leave

The call is yours. You can stay at home on the day of the roof replacement if you want but think about the children, pets, and the elderly members of your family. The process is going to be noisy no doubt. Can you stand the continuous pounding sounds on the roof? If you are sound sensitive, it may not be a good decision to stay at home on the big day. 

The sound of a roof replacement or installation is not desirable anyway, but it is even worse when you are under the same roof. It may cause anxiety in your kids and pets. So think prior what you want to do.

Secure the Interior Decoratives

It is just a precautionary measure to secure the decorative items; especially those on the wall. The roof attached to the walls directly is sure to affect them. Shock vibrations are going to run through the walls all day and delicate items might get knocked off. It’s a possibility that you can’t ignore. Cover item in the attic as it is going to get dust and debris from all the work on the roof. Move the items that are too precious or irreplaceable to you. You can leave them on the wall if you want, but just be cautious with the valuables like chandeliers or glass wall hangings. 

Secure the Workspace Perimeter

Cut off the branches right above the roof. You might want to do that even before the contractor visits for an inspection. Also, cover the perimeter with plants right adjacent to your home. Cut the grass of your lawn on the previous day and avoid having moist freshly mown grass on the day of the home roof replacement. 

Relocate Your Vehicles

Move out your cars to provide space for the roof replacement contractor’s vehicles. On the day of the roofing work, there will be heavy vehicles in your driveway. If you need to leave the house at any point during the day, it will be a terrible waste of time to move back the contractor’s vehicles and supplies to make a way out for your car. So you might want to relocate your car previously.

Remove Satellite Dishes and Antennas

You can remove the satellite dishes and/or antennas from your roof, especially if you don’t use them anymore. Talk to your roofing contractor to know if they provide the services. Chances are, the roofers will do it themselves before they start the replacement. After the roof is done, you will need to call your cable provider to reinstall the antenna or the dish.

Identify Power Outlets

What options do you have for an outdoor or exterior power outlet? If there is none, the contractor will need to carry a generator. Garage outlets will work too. The roofing contractor is going to need access to electrical outlets while they are working. Worst case scenario—you need to access the indoor outlets. In that case, extension cords may need to run through a window or door to get power outside. Be aware of the hazards.

The team at Valor Home Roofing has been operating home roof replacement in the Annapolis, MD area for years. Our high-quality workmanship ensures you get a roof that gives you peace of mind. There are plenty of roofing companies to choose from, but when you choose Valor, you can be assured that the finished job will be exactly what you want. To us, roofing means more than just a covering for your house, it also means protecting your family and possessions. Contact us for Free Estimation!


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