Horizontal vs. Vertical Siding— Which is the Right Look For Your Home

Horizontal vs. Vertical Siding— Which is the Right Look For Your Home?

First impressions matter whether we like them or not. In the case of your home, its exterior matters a lot. But don’t worry Valor Home one of the most trusted siding companies in Maryland is here to help you. In order to find the perfect exterior look for a home, we work closely with the homeowner to understand their architecture and neighborhood.

In this article, our siding installation experts outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of horizontal and vertical siding. When you are looking for a siding replacement for your house, it can help you decide which type of siding looks best.


Siding planks are installed in a vertical pattern top to bottom to achieve this effect. Siding contractors say this style has become more popular for residential homes, and it is often viewed as more modern than horizontal siding. Your home is sure to stand out as both elegant and eye-catching if you choose vertical siding.


Durable: A vertical siding with board and batten-style panels will offer even more durability since the filler strips cover any seams in the siding. In this manner, water cannot penetrate through the panels and damage them.

Low maintenance: The water drains quickly down the vertical planks, safely draining away to the ground. Your house will be less likely to suffer from wood rot because of its ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Unique appearance: In a neighborhood where most houses have horizontal siding, your house will stand out with vertical siding. In addition to creating something distinctive for curb appeal, this design lets you make your home stand out from the rest.


Installation difficulty: Vertical siding usually has a greater level of difficulty than horizontal siding. It makes installation more complicated and time-consuming because it has to be lined with furring strips. The process can also be time-consuming.
Resale issue: Homebuyers generally don’t like vertical siding, which can be a problem in resale. You might want to consult a realtor first if you plan on selling soon to find out whether vertical siding is the right choice for your neighborhood.

Expensive: Vertical siding is expensive since it requires a lot of labor and expertise since it is labor-intensive and challenging. Depending on the materials used, the cost of siding replacement may also vary substantially.

Horizontal Siding

A traditional look is achieved with horizontal siding, also known as lap siding. These sidings are attractive enough to conceal your vision and allow you to enjoy your view. A horizontal siding will allow you to showcase some of the most beautiful features of your house.


Easy to install: Siding contractors are familiar with horizontal siding because it is the most common type of siding. As a result, siding installation is less complicated and more efficient, so there is no need to spend excessive time on it.

Cost-Efficient: Horizontal siding is an inexpensive type of siding as it is the most common type of siding known to most siding contractors. As a result, they can install the siding much more quickly and efficiently, and you’ll also be able to save money.
Aesthetics: Horizontal siding has traditionally been the most popular siding for houses because of its classic appearance. A house with this facade will sell for its full price. Not only does it have a great look, but it’s also very popular.


Unreliable: Water can leak in between horizontal boards where the boards overlap, making them less durable. Water leaks are more likely to occur in this type of siding. It is normal to experience wood rot, mold, and mildew when you have wood siding.
Maintenance: As water damage is a major concern with horizontal siding, it is challenging to clean this style. When cleaning the boards, preparation and specialized equipment are required to prevent moisture from getting behind them.

Wood bending: As a horizontal siding material, wood is prone to cracking and producing mold and mildew due to the moisture bulking problem.

Getting Started with Your Siding Replacement

The following tips will help you decide whether vertical or horizontal siding is better for your house. You can contact Valor Home for a free siding consultation if you are still unsure about starting your replacement siding project. We are the top siding contractor in Maryland and its surrounding areas. Offering the best siding installation techniques and services to all of our customers is something we take pride in, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

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