How to Avoid Roof Damage From Hanging Christmas Lights

How to Avoid Roof Damage From Hanging Christmas Lights

Christmas brings happiness and overwhelming excitement to us all. As we approach the holiday season, so does the urgency of hanging the Christmas lights. You must also be getting ready with screws, tacks, nails, hammers, etc. to decorate your home like a winter wonderland. Hold your reindeer just a little and consider the after-effects and repercussions of your decorations. Yes, there can be many concerns while hanging the lights, including roof damages and accidents. Many accidents happen during the time by falling, electric shocks, and other not so foreseeable ways. You will be surprised to know that small tasks and decorations that you may not think can damage your roof, are actually one of the most common reasons for roof damage throughout Maryland. Things become even more serious due to the snow.

Ensure A Proper Roof inspection Before Hanging Christmas Lights

It’s better to be sure than sorry. Climbing up your roof is a relatively easy task than walking around it and decorating. Little things like a wrong footstep, or the weight of the lights in a weakened spot can do much damage to your roof. A thorough roof inspection will give you peace of mind ensuring that your roof is safe and pretty. How to do the roof inspection? Read: “10 Warning Signs Your Roof Isn’t Safe Anymore”.

No Nails and Hammers—Use Plastic Clips To Avoid Roof Damage

The roof shingles may withstand years of harsh weather but not the harshness of nails and hammers. One wrong hit and you can break a shingle, create cracks or gaps and damage your roof majorly. Considering that it probably be covered in snow, the damage can be even more severe. Also, it’ll be difficult to fix the damage even for professional roofing companies. While hanging the lights, make sure you use plastic clips to avoid unwanted cracks.

If you have accidentally damaged a shingle or two of your roof, don’t fall back to DIY fixes. It may create a bigger mess. What appears to be a couple of shingles, can become a bigger portion of the roof. Contact a reliable roofing service near you and let the experts deal with the roof damage.

Don’t Go Walking Over The Roof Like A Garden:

Walking all over the roof could be dangerous. You need to do it tactfully considering what parts can handle your weight and what can’t. If you cant find some professional to hang the light for you, do it either with barefoot or soft sneakers. If there is any snow, clear the roof first, see the situation and then get on the roof. Try to find a secure spot to do the most of the job. The less you walk around, the better. It will be a great idea to climb a ladder and move it around the roof to decorate only the edges of the roof. Don’t walk on the shingles.

Use Non-Slippery Shoes For Your Safety

While going up on the roof, ensure you use non-slippery shoes for your safety. Avoid walking rapidly to prevent injuries of any kind. Think of yourself as a cat on a roof and keep your steps steady as much as possible. Remember, not only could you get hurt by slipping or falling, but also the roof can get damaged when you fall on it. We at Valor Home come across such cases more than you can imagine.

Valor Home offers quality Roof Replacement, Roofing Installation, and other home improvement services across all Maryland & Virginia areas including Arnold, Severna Park, Edgewater, Crownsville, Cape St. Claire, and the surrounding areas. Our team members work diligently to ensure everything meets your expectations. If you notice any sign of roof damage or even if there is a slight chance of it, contact us immediately. Call us for further questions about roof damages and hanging Christmas lights on the roof.

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