How to Choose the Best Quality Windows for Your Home?

Open a window and the world is there. Windows are the point of access that can never be denied. They serve as the source of natural air and light to any room, and more. The best quality windows have multiple-aptitude tests to go through such as style, performance, design, material. Today we are summing up the styles, performance, and materials of the windows to help you choose the best for your home. If you are looking for a window replacement or expert installations of a new one, you have found the right place.

Style of Windows to Choose From

There are multiple styles of windows available out there to choose from. You can categorize the numerous windows out there in nine different styles. Which one is best for you? Find out!

Double-hung: Traditional double-hung windows featuring two sashes. The windowpanes slide vertically and tilt-in for easy cleaning.

Sliding windows: The modern contemporary style is the sliding one. These windows have 2-3 sashes and slide left or right.

Casement windows: Hinged on one side, they open with a crank.

Awning: These are hinged at the top and often are used as a secondary window to a larger fixed one. They allow necessary extra ventilation opening outward.

Picture window: This style of windows doesn’t open but provide maximum viewing and natural light.

Bay windows: Fancy looking out to the neighborhood trees? With a dramatic view, bay windows are a combination of 3 windows extending from the exterior wall, with the middle window typically being fixed. They present an option to incorporate some sitting space in your room.

Bow Window: Add a little extra luxury with the Bow windows. They are the same as the Bay windows, but bigger and better. With 4 windows or more, they form a curve and can be fixed or operable.

Garden Windows: Garden windows are often found in kitchens and project out from the home to allow the perfect amount of sunshine to filter through the four sides for growing plants or spices.

Hopper: The classic basement windows or hoppers are hinged at the bottom and open inward at the top.

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Consider the Performance of the Windows

Now that you are all caught up with the style, let’s talk about the functionality. Old windows can leak air and become difficult to open or close. They don’t lock properly or run with some other issues. In short, your windows are no longer for your peace and relaxation. Ask these before you replace or install a window.

● How do they maintain the temperature of your home?
● Are they Energy Efficient?
● Are they sound resistant?
● Do they have UV resistance?

At Valor Home, every window we install is sealed with the highest quality multi-polymer based caulk. Unlike standard water- or vinegar-based construction grade adhesives, OSI Quad and H2U caulk come with a lifetime warranty! In addition, OSI caulks won’t crack or peel because they are permanently flexible.

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What Material to Choose for the Best Quality Window?

Aluminum, Vinyl, and Wood—they all have their benefits and downsides. Wooden windows are timeless and look luxurious at all times when maintained properly. They have multiple benefits but can be a little heavy on the budget. Aluminum is a much cheaper material and has a high durability quotient. Vinyl however has become the most popular globally in a few years. They are non-conductive, durable, low maintenance, affordable, long-lasting, and customizable.

We at Valor, use only the highest quality windows that are produced completely in the USA. Window installation can be stressful and expensive. That’s not the case with Valor. As a second-generation family-owned and operated remodeling firm, we value the lessons of honor and respect that were instilled by our founder, service-disabled veteran Al Kincaid. Contact us to get a free estimation.

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