How to Equip the Perfect Bathroom According to Your Lifestyle?

Did you know that, with the right fixtures, you can turn the most private area of your house, the bathroom, into a relaxing nook after a stressful day? The right bathroom upgrade can take your bathroom to the next level – just ask Valor Home’s long list of satisfied customers! 

If you’re curious about how to update your bathroom to fit your modern lifestyle, check out the following considerations: 


When selecting mirrors for your luxury bathroom, you should avoid cheaply styled ones. A modernized mirror will have a sleek metallic finish, a decorative frame, and a built-in light that has a metallic finish like bronze, silver, or rose gold. Try installing a full-length mirror in the corner of your bathroom. This will enable you to see yourself from head to toe.

Double sinks and walk-in closets

Make your bathroom more organized by adding a walk-in closet. Your bedroom and bathroom will be much cleaner and more organized if you have ample room to store your clothes, toiletries, and shoes near your bathroom.

If you want more storage space, it is also a good idea to install a larger vanity with double or separate sinks that will provide ample storage above and below the sinks.

Tech gadgets

Bathroom remodeling can include the installation of smart gadgets and equipment. Music-playing voice-activated showers are a great addition. A lighted toilet seat, an automated soap dispenser, or even a panic button for family members or guests in distress may be worthwhile additions to your bathroom.

Grab bars

If someone loses balance, grab bars next to the toilet and on the backs of shower and bathtub walls can offer a sense of security. You can purchase these bars at most home improvement stores, making them an affordable and easily installed way to provide extra stability in the bathroom to the elderly and sick.

Tiles and paintings

For a fresh look, there’s nothing better than changing your old ceramic bathroom tile to something a bit more sophisticated. Installing marble tiles in your bathroom creates an elegant vibe and gives it a refined feel. While you’re at it, try hanging some vibrant pieces of art to express your personality. 


Adding modern lighting and fixtures can transform any bathroom, and you can even choose trendy finishes like rose gold and matte black. To keep things fresh and new, you can color-coordinate your curtains, and bath rugs in your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling: Let’s Get Started

You can upgrade your bathroom to fit your lifestyle by following these tips. And, when you’re ready to make more major changes to your bathroom, call the experts at Valor Home. We’re your go-to service provider for bathroom renovations in Maryland, Virginia, or Delaware.

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