How to fix a leaky window?

How to fix a leaky window?

Windows protect your home from extreme weather and over time starts to malfunction. It’s a very general concern when an old window starts to leak in the rainy season. A leaky window can cause more damage than a water splash on your floor. It can also affect the aesthetics in the long run from both exterior and interior. The good news is that you might get away with DIY fixes and don’t need a complete replacement. 

Here, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide to fix your leaky window. First, let’s identify where are the leaks coming from. 

How to Detect a Leaky Window?

This is highly important. You must check thoroughly to find out the leaks. Perhaps, you have had noticed the rainwater coming through but when it’s time to fix the leak you can’t rely on the water to show you the spot. 

Check closely if the sealing of the window is broken from the upside or the lower side. Maybe the leak is by the panes. Once you identify where it is leaking, use the guide below to get it fixed.

Step 1: Remove Old Caulk

Identify and remove the old cracked caulk. It will free up the space allowing you to apply a new one. Removing the old caulk properly is very important for a seamless result. 

This fragmented space in between the frames and the window is key to hold it all together. You might use a spatula or knife to take the word out caulk. 

Step 2: Get Ready with a Caulk Gun

Your nearby hardware store must have a caulk gun. Put the tube into the caulk gun and ensure both items are a good match or fit perfectly. Check if it allows you to apply the caulk evenly on the leaks. 

Cut out and adjust the nozzle according to the size of the crack you are dealing with. Break the seal of the nozzle by inserting the tip of a nail inside and push it down until it breaks through the seal.

Step 3: Apply the Caulk

Now it’s time for the big work. Apply caulk with the gun evenly with a steady hand. This needs precision. You mustn’t put too much pressure on the trigger to get the caulk out. It can overflow and create a mess. 

At any point of the steps if you feel the job is going out of your hand, don’t shy away from getting expert help. Window repair and installation professionals can help you with their valuable consultation and services. 

Step 4: Clean up the Mess

If you are working on a leaky window or holding a caulk gun for the first time, chances are there will be a lot of caul mess to clear up. Experts also need this step. Take a clean paper towel and wipe out any extra caul you may have around the work area. Also, clean the caulk on the nozzle and around the tube before it dries up.

These are the steps you can easily use to fix a leaky window if the leakage is in the seal. There can be other issues causing the leakage as well, such as a leaking frame or worn-out weather stripping. The weather-stripping is also very easy to change at home. 

If the problem seems bigger than to cover with caulk or a new weather strip, contact Valor Home to fix the window for you. Professional window installers do their job with accountability. They make sure that every single penny that you pay to them for the work makes sense. The summers and winters in the Mid-Atlantic states are notoriously harsh and that’s why Valor uses only the highest quality windows that are produced completely in the USA.

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