How to Keep Your Home Cool with Windows

How to Keep Your Home Cool with Windows

Ventilation and insulation – manage both aspects well and your windows will create a comfortable and healthy ambiance. 

Here are some tips from our team of Window Installation Professionals in Lanham.

#1. Place windows appropriately

Position the windows in the direction of the flow of the natural wind. The movement of air on the planet happens to balance the thermodynamics, affecting the temperature. Take advantage of this natural phenomenon by allowing the wind to enter and refresh the interior of your home. It drives the heat away, saturates the air with fresh oxygen, and leaves you with a cool feeling. 

When installing or replacing windows in Annapolis, our Valor Home Experts make sure that you enjoy the control. We observe the natural flow of wind and light and position the windows accordingly. The optimum utilization of daylight helps you cut your electricity expenses as well.

#2. Ventilate kitchen

Broiling, grilling, roasting, sautéing, poaching, simmering, and boiling – you perform a lot of activities in the kitchen and all these produce some amount of heat and gases. Installing windows with the right slats and gaps can help get rid of these easily and bring down the temperature of the kitchen and home. It helps the circulation of fresh air, which is good for the health of anyone spending time in the kitchen.

Nowadays, you can go for a custom home window replacement service in Annapolis. Choose the right window slat material that you can clean easily because kitchen windows get dirty fast. Share your window treatment ideas with the business owners to get a made-to-measure window covering.

#3. Use window shades or draperies

Shades or draperies are soft to hard fabrics. If you have sun-facing windows that draw in excessive heat on summer days, you can use the appropriate fabric to get some protection. There are different thickness choices from sheer fabric to completely opaque ones. The texture and color of the cloth have a subtle effect on the room temperature.

#4. Make the most of your natural landscape

If your residence has a garden, swimming pool, or other open area, place your window overlooking it. The open area serves as a source of fresh air that keeps the room cool even on the warmest and most humid days. Fit the window with a movable glass panel, wood blinds, or roman shades. The use of motorized blinds or shades is a popular idea, particularly, when you have a large window covering. 

#5. Use natural wood

Making window panels of natural wood could be expensive but a great option. The grains and texture of real wood not only give a distinct look to the window architecture but also helps you regulate temperature. Remember, wood is a bad conductor of heat. Despite being hot outside, you can continue to enjoy a cool and cozy ambiance inside your home. 

Your window installation and replacement experts in Lanham or Annapolis can help you decide on the right window style and placement that works best for your home and lifestyle. Contact us now and we’ll get to work on created a custom plan just for you! 

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