How to Maintain a Roof During the Winter

How to Maintain a Roof During the Winter

The brutality of winter in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware can have a devastating effect on your roof. The roof’s health is endangered by snow and freezing temperatures. If you don’t take precautions, you may have to pay for costly repairs.

You must protect your roof during the winter months. So, let’s discuss some pertinent points about maintaining roofs during the winter so you don’t have to look for roof replacement anytime soon.

1. Maintain clean gutters

In the event of ice or snow, your gutters are most likely to be affected. Make sure they are free of build-up and ice dams regularly. Cleaning your gutters is necessary if you see icicles hanging from them. Leaving your gutters filled with ice will make them weak because of the weight they will bear, ultimately leading to a large repair bill.

2. Check your flashing

Winter roof care doesn’t mean you can neglect your flashing. Despite this, it is not too late to examine your flashing during winter, even if you did not inspect it before winter. You can check your shingles for warping or looseness when the snow is not too heavy. Whenever you notice any problems with your roof, you should contact a roof installation company right away.

3. Remove snow quickly

When snow accumulates on your roof, remove it quickly. In winter, snow and ice combine to weigh heavily on roofs. If this ice and snow remain, an ice dam will form. Real damage begins when these dams melt and refreeze. A roofing contractor can remove ice from your roof safely since it can be risky to do it yourself.

4. Wind damage

It’s important to pay attention to snow and ice, but do not underestimate wind as a weather issue. Check your roof for damage after heavy winds. Make sure your gutters are still functioning and look for broken or missing shingles on your siding and roof. You should get them repaired right away if you don’t want to risk leakage.

5. Examine the attic

Winter can be a challenging time for an attic that leaks or lacks ventilation. In an attic with poor ventilation, dampness will develop. A properly ventilated attic prevents moisture from accumulating inside during the winter. You should look carefully at your attic for any signs of damaged shingles that might lead to a leak and get it fixed.

Hire A Professional Roof Installation Company

A professional roofing contractor should inspect your roof once a year even if you can do quick roof checks yourself. If a new roof is necessary, Valor Home and our team of experts will install a quality roof that provides lasting service for years to come.

You can rely on Valor Home to handle all your roofing requirements in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. Request a free estimate today!

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