How to Maintain Your Windows During the Winter

How to Maintain Your Windows During the Winter

Winter is the time when you want your home to be warm and your family to stay safe. It is easy to accomplish this goal if you keep your windows in good shape.

Unfortunately, winter and its cold temperatures can make it difficult for homeowners to maintain their windows. Cold weather poses a danger to windows due to condensation, thermal stress, drafts, and the potential for freezing, expansion, and increased snow loads.

In order to ensure clean and safe windows during this period, window maintenance is a necessity. Keep reading to discover a few window maintenance tips that will help you avoid the need for home window replacement during the winter months and throughout the year.

1. Observe the temperature outside

When cleaning windows in the winter, you should make sure the temperature is appropriate before beginning. The best time to wash your windows is when the temperatures are above freezing. The likelihood of streaks forming will be reduced when temperatures are above freezing. Add rubbing alcohol to your solution if temperatures are near or below freezing while performing the clean.

2. Examine the window closely

Make sure you inspect your windows inside and outside each year, ideally before winter starts or late fall. The first step in window maintenance is to do a visual inspection. Keeping up with inspections and basic maintenance is the easiest way to maintain your windows. Major issues can arise over time if windows are neglected, especially if they are old.

3. Caulk the windows

You should clean caulking areas once you have identified them. It is important to caulk around the frame and around stationary joints. It is easy to prevent air leaks by applying a layer of caulk throughout, thereby reducing energy costs. Additionally, rope caulk can seal the joints between components and the moveable parts of windows.

4. Add weatherstripping

A number of types and styles of weatherstripping are available at any local hardware store. There are foam, vinyl, and rubber material to choose from. In addition, these sheets are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and densities. The type of window you have and your budget will determine what kind of weather stripping you should choose.

5. Stay safe and protected

Keeping your hands protected while cleaning your windows during the winter can help prevent hand damage. If you plan to wash windows in a cold environment, you should protect your entire body, including your hands. Your hands will be safer if you wear waterproof gloves. Liquid cleaners can cause frost-bite quickly in near-freezing temperatures, so be careful when using them in low temperatures.

6. Taking down window screens

You may see snow-covered windows after a snowfall. Snow can damage your screens and windows when it accumulates on the sills. It is possible for snow, ice, and debris that build up on the outside of your windows to damage the structure. This leads to the formation of leaks if left unattended. It is easy to avoid this problem by removing the window screens before snowfall begins.

Hire A Professional Home Window Replacement & Installation Company

There is nothing more inconvenient and even hazardous than working outside in cold temperatures. Avoid any bigger problems by hiring a professional home window replacement company if you want to maintain the quality of your windows.

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