How to Prepare for a Walk-in Tub Installation

How to Prepare for a Walk-in Tub Installation

The installation of a walk-in bathtub requires careful planning and attention to detail. Homeowners have to invest a lot of time and money in bathtub installation. Therefore, it’s understandable if you want tub installation completed accurately.

The best way to prepare for a walk-in tub installation is to ask your tub replacement contractor a few relevant questions. Read the blog to find out what those questions are.

What is the width of the door?

Walk-in baths’ usability can greatly be affected by the design of the door. Your contractor can tell you what the dimensions of your walk-in tub’s door are to make it safe and easy to enter and sit inside.

What is the number of handrails?

When you have handrails in a walk-in bath, you will be able to ensure your safety. If you want to ensure that your bath will be safe to use, be sure to discuss with your contractor where and how many handrails you will need.

How low should the threshold be?

The threshold allows you to safely enter and exit a walk-in bath, making it one of the most significant features. There is generally a range of threshold sizes from three to seven inches, and the lower the threshold, the safer the entry.

Does the floor have slip-resistant surfaces?

The most important element of a bathroom is slip-resistant flooring. People often want slip-resistant surfaces throughout their homes, although they aren’t needed in every nook and cranny. To ensure your safety while bathing, ask your contractor where you should install non-skid surfaces.

Are there any warranties included?

If something goes wrong with your walk-in tub, a warranty can help you repair or replace it. If you want to ensure your tub installation is worry-free, make sure you ask your contractor about warranty options. Additionally, choosing a brand with lifetime protection is recommended.

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