Look Out for These Common Roof Problems in Winter

Look Out for These Common Roof Problems in Winter

Your roof has a crucial part to play because it protects your house against external elements, such as ice and snow. However, the winter weather can still push your roof to the ultimate limit. It can take a toll on the roof if you are unprepared and unaware. Check out these most common roof problems to look out for during the year’s coldest days and why you should not ignore them.

Excessive Snow

Excessive snow can lead to roof weight issues, particularly in houses, which are not ready for snowy climates. However, the good news is there are several signs to warn that your roof may collapse due to the snow’s weight.

It is crucial to focus on your gutters as these act as indicators of roof weight. You will notice that gutters that deal with thick snow and ice are the first thing to buckle and bend. It also hints at other severe issues.

Also, check your windows and doors. Do they appear to be uneven and warped? There is a possibility that your home has structural winter roof issues, which are buckling the house frame. Sudden bad leaks and bulging ceilings are some of the symptoms to indicate that the roof condition is not okay. You need to take immediate action in such cases.

Winter Gale

Winters are times when you can expect high wind speeds ripping the shingles off your roof. Winter winds can be pretty aggressive and they often do that. When the condition of your roof is good, the shingles will be intact. However, when your roof becomes old, it becomes risky. Every time the strong winter wind passes, look out for any shingles on your lawn, which could have come out loose.

As shingles get ripped off, precipitation and water invade vulnerable sites. If there are gaps in the construction of your home, there might not be any visible impact until the damages show up on the ceiling or walls. Additionally, loose elements on the roof can have a negative effect in energy efficiency. Hot hair can escape out of the roof making the rest of your house chilly.

Ice Dams

This is a roofing phenomenon during the winter. It is a condition when the snow on the center of your roof melts before getting stuck in clogged gutters. The snow re-freezes in these gutters. Thus, you can notice a huge solid ice dam on the edges of your roof, preventing the drainage of the melted snow.

 As this snow has nowhere to drain, it creates a leak into the roof, thus causing significant damage. It is another reason why you should clean your gutters during the fall.

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