Our Approach Leads to Success

After completing his service in the military, our founder, Al Kincaid, a veteran with disabilities, aimed to establish a roofing company based on the values he had learned during his time in the Vietnam War.

Concepts like honor, respect, dedication, commitment, and loyalty guided him then and now as he built a business that proudly represents American craftsmanship.

Valor follows a four-step process for installing new roofs, which has proven successful over the years. Our clients’ satisfaction, as well as the referrals and positive feedback we receive, serve as evidence of the effectiveness of this approach.

Our process begins with the Explore phase. During this important step, we meet with you to understand your project goals. Our remodeling specialist will take into account your style preferences and budget limitations.

This initial meeting is free of charge because we believe it is essential to get to know our clients. You’ll receive valuable information on the latest design trends, budgeting tips, construction planning, and more. We want to ensure you have all the necessary insights to make informed decisions for your project.

After you sign the Initial Planning Agreement, the Design phase comes next. This is when we measure your space and create various floor plan sketches. It gives you a clear idea of how the final project will look. Once this stage is finished, you’ll have the chance to review two to three design concepts that include floor plans and elevations if needed.

During the Refine phase, we pay close attention to all the project details, such as design choices, materials, and construction needs. All this information is documented in the Construction Documents Contract. At this point, you will have the opportunity to meet your project manager, who will go over the upcoming steps and conduct a thorough review of the project site.

Now let’s talk about the Install phase of the process. Our teams will show up on time as planned and get the work site ready, taking special care to safeguard your property. Your project manager will stay in touch with you every step of the way.

At Valor, we take our work seriously because that’s how we’ve always operated. While installing a new roof may seem routine, our staff sees it as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our profession and our clients.

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