5 Signs That Your House Needs New Siding

When it comes to prioritizing home improvements, it tends to go unnoticed. Yet, it’s one of the only defenses your home has against wind, rain, and snow. 

What are we talking about? Your siding, of course! 

Your home’s siding has a significant impact on its appearance, durability, and safety. The value of your home and curb appeal are greatly affected by well-maintained siding.

Siding plays a vital role in protecting your home from extreme cold and heat, as well as adverse conditions, pollutants, and infestations. How can you tell if your home needs new siding? According to siding replacement experts at Valor Home, there are 5 signs you should look for.

#1: Indoor Mold Or Mildew

You need to replace the siding if mold or mildew is visible on the inside of the house. The presence of water on your ceiling tiles or near the tops or bottoms of your walls might indicate you have mold behind the wall. It is possible to identify a siding issue if you see mildew, mold, or fungus on your ceiling tiles. As a result, moisture will likely accumulate underneath your siding and enter your home.

#2: Rotting or cracked siding

These are the most obvious signs that your siding is damaged beyond repair. Inspect your home thoroughly. Even minor cracks can indicate serious issues. You may want to poke around and observe the layer beneath. Does it feel solid, or are you able to push it away? You might need to call a siding contractor in Delaware if your siding has more rot beneath the cracked portions.

#3: Increasing energy bills

Unusually high energy bills may be the result of a variety of factors. Once you’ve determined that you have no leaks, poorly sealed windows, or insulation problems, you should consider whether your siding may be the problem. The primary function of siding is to protect your home from harsh weather, preventing it from absorbing heat or cold. Having damaged or old siding increases your energy bills because it does not insulate well.

#4: Fading colors

It is a sure sign that weatherproofing has failed when siding is severely faded or has lost its color. While you are not at risk of losing your siding, it is the right time to consider siding replacement before you develop more severe problems.

#5: Bubbles or blisters

Pay attention if bubbles or blisters are appearing under the siding. Water trapped within the siding will result in bubbles and blisters, indicating moisture buildup. Once you have these bubbles or blisters, you can be pretty certain that your siding is no longer keeping out moisture and, therefore, should be replaced.

Let Us Help You Fix Your Siding

You should install new siding if you see any of these signs on your house. The right siding company can make replacing your siding a simple process.

You can contact Valor Home at 443-292-4441 and ask for a free quote to discuss the siding options available for your home. Our siding options are lightweight, easier to clean, and simpler to install. We can create a unique style that will match the style of your home. Don’t delay – let’s get started! 

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