The Main Problem Areas of a Roof System & How to Inspect Them

The Main Problem Areas of a Roof System & How to Inspect Them

Having a roof over your head is more than just providing shelter, it’s a functioning system in itself. You can protect yourself and your home from the elements by having a roof that sheds rain, blocks wind, keeps snow out, and circulates air. Your roof does all of those tasks while being exposed to the elements, which requires a lot of energy.

It is easy to lose sight of an asset like your roof requires continuous monitoring by a roofing contractor to prevent roof replacement and protect your assets. To maintain your roofing system properly, however, you must also look for a roofing company near me. Our team at Valor Home created a simple four points guide to assist homeowners in identifying the main problem areas of a roof and how to ensure they are properly maintained.

Leaking roof

The most common sign of roof leaks is discoloration or drips inside the attic after it rains. The upper part of the house may have stains on its ceilings as a result of leaks. Other sources of water leakage include skylights and vents. Skylights leak immediately, so you will know if they are leaking. The leak can be seen just under the roofline at the roof’s edge. If the color changes or the appearance changes, there is a problem. For a lasting solution, consult a residential roof replacement expert with experience. It is also possible to apply caulk to areas where leaks occur as a short-term fix.

Gaps in the roof

Those portions of the roof with open rips or holes in them could quickly succumb to decay without notice if they sustain damage. Roofing’s biggest enemy is water, which can lead to mold problems detrimental to the roof’s structure and your health. A roofing contractor can provide valuable information about your roof if you haven’t examined it in some time. In addition to having the equipment to detect roof problems, a professional roofing company will also be able to inspect a roof’s integrity during the inspection process. It does not matter how minor the problem is, they will identify it.

Branches of trees

You may have difficulty maintaining your roof if trees grow too close to your home. Tree limbs hanging low can scrape and wear away your shingles, causing leaks in the long run. If a storm blows away a tree branch, it may fall directly on the roof, causing permanent damage to the roofing system. Whenever you are considering landscaping plans, make sure you speak with an expert first. Inspections at regular intervals will allow them to determine the best action plan for protecting your roof.

Inadequate ventilation

If your attic isn’t ventilated well, your roof will be severely hot in the summers and covered in frost during the winter. Over time, you will see the ceilings and decking become porous, and your roof will sag from humid air. In most cases, it is nearly impossible to save a roof once rot starts within the interior of the house, which ultimately leads to a roof replacement. Poor ventilation will cause you to spend more on your HVAC system and monthly budget. Ensure that your roof edges, ridges, and gables are ventilated to ensure your attic stays cool and dry throughout the year.

Maintain Your Roof System With A Roofing Contractor

It would be beneficial to hire a roofing contractor who can maintain your roofing system regularly so that you can avoid major problems. Roof inspections are relatively inexpensive compared to roof replacements, and they are well worth the investment.

In addition to providing proactive maintenance, Valor Home provides homeowners with solutions to potential roofing problems. We offer customized roofing replacement plans to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our products and services are of the highest quality and come with the best warranties in the industry.

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