Top Bathroom Remodel Ideas From The Experts

Top Bathroom Remodel Ideas From The Experts

Redesign and remodel your bathroom for a minty twist to your home. If you are determined to breathe in a more well-organized bathroom that looks straight out of a lifestyle magazine, here are some useful tips. 

Replace & Redesign the Shower Location

In the old days, the bathtub and shower location were separated or the combo was placed along length-wise. Replace and rearrange the shower situation and the bathroom is sure to get a new modern look. When it’s placed along the width, at one end, the bathroom enjoys more free space for vanity, storage, etc. Yes, this simple shift of the tub and toilet area can free up space for a lot. It looks contemporary and stylish. Talking about the tub, you might want to change more than the location. A tub surrounded by a tile area is just too outdated and it takes up a lot of space. Replace your chunky bathtub with a modern freestanding bathtub with a crisp and sleek design.

Redesign the Floor for a Bathroom Remodeling 

The floor speaks all about your bathroom’s age. The tiles start to become dirty and dingy. No matter how much you clean, that new shiny white is never going to be restored. You may not even notice the floor after some time. This is exactly why the floor presents the best opportunity for a stunning makeover. Choose a little deeper colors like black, blue, green, brown, etc. Smaller tiles arranged in geometrical patterns are also a fun way to redesign the floor. 

Remodel the Vanity

Your bathroom may look too small to even have one vanity. A little shift in things and innovative creative ideas can change that picture. If you have one luxurious vanity already in place, that can be upgraded to a double vanity. Instead of one big mirror and sink, create a partition and install two sinks and mirrors. With a double vanity space, there can be ample cabinet room for storing toiletries. More storage means less mess over the counter. Some bathrooms have oddly placed vanity areas. Rethink the entire bathroom and find out the right space for things according to you. A brown woody countertop is great for a modern bathroom, whereas, white marble counters paired with black and gold accents are incredibly chic.

Add Some Colors: The Easiest Way to Remodel a Bathroom

Want to revamp your bathroom on a budget? Add some colors. Painting the walls or cabinets can immediately change the space. Choose a bright color and transform a tiny boring bathroom into a chic playful one. If you are more inclined to keep it in white, that can also work. An overall white color palette with some pop colors here and there, like bright cabinets, or accent pieces is also a great way to go. 

Look into the Storage

If you are dealing with a tiny space, the vanity can become a floating cabinet with a sleek design. Free up floor space and install built-in storage places. Create nooks on the wall for your toiletries and some small plants. A slightly raised vanity will make the bathroom feel way more spacious. 

Keep your bathroom clean and organized with these 5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips. Valor Home is here to make the renovation process fun and easy for you. Our professional team bathroom renovators in the State of Maryland and Virginia.

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