Transfer Your Master Bath into Walk-in Shower: Expert Tips!

Transfer Your Master Bath into Walk-in Shower: Expert Tips!

Got a dated bathtub in your master bath that is not used anymore? Renovate it into a walk-in shower. It will not just make your bathroom look spacious but also give it a practical upgrade, with increased ease and mobility. But the conversion comes at a cost, so make sure you have thought about every aspect of it – right from your budget to the design, layout, fixtures, tiles, etc. If you need help in deciding or planning the right way to renovate your bathroom, hire an expert bathroom remodeling contractor

The National Association of Home Builders recommends that you should have at least one bathtub in the house as it is an important factor when it comes to selling your house in the future. In a house with young kids, a bathtub is more functional than a walk-in shower. So, make sure you have thought through the idea of an open walk-in shower. 

Getting professional for the remodeling is best. But, knowing what all steps go into the remodeling will help you make up your mind regarding the layout, design, and budget. Here are some expert tips to help you out.

Measure everything and put it to paper:

The very first step to any remodeling work is to put the measurements on paper. Get the measuring tape out and measure your bathroom exactly. Typically, bathtubs are 60 inches wide, which should result in ample space for the shower area even after installing tiles and the shower wall.

Here are the minimum space requirement measures for a walk-in shower:

  • 30×30 inches floor space
  • 80 inches height
  • A gap of 15 inches between the toilet seat and the shower wall
  • If you want a swinging door, make sure you have the space to open the door

Simplify the plumbing:

It is best to install the shower in the space left by the bathtub because the water supply and drainage system are already in place there. Although the supply pipes need to be replaced to meet the increased water supply need of a shower, which can easily be taken care of by the plumber, moving the entire plumbing setup is unnecessary and will add significant costs to the project.

Plan the Design of Your Bathroom Renovations:

This is the most important step because the design is the blueprint of the actual remodel. If you fancy doing the remodeling yourself, then using a shower stall kit is the best way to go forward. Considering, you have some knowledge and are able to follow through with the instructions, you will be able to pull through the remodeling yourself. But, if you are hiring bathroom remodeling contractors, then be very specific about what you want.

Check out the fixtures – what kind of shower you would prefer. The sheer variety of the fixtures can be overwhelming. There are simple knob/lever fixtures that control both the temperature and water and there are also sophisticated-looking combination fixtures. Check out a few varieties before making up your mind. You need to keep your budget, durability, as well as ease of use in mind when selecting the fixtures.

Think about the tiles, the lighting. Do you need niches for keeping soap and shampoo? Do you want a bench in the shower area? How will the area be waterproofed? Keep all these aspects in mind when you think of the layout and design. It will help to finalize the construction plan.

A bathroom remodeling is a significant investment. So, take your lifestyle into account when going for the transformation. For bathroom renovations in Lanham or bathroom remodeling in Annapolis, get in touch with the experts at Valor Home. We will inspect your current bathroom and walk you through the whole process and provide a reasonable budget estimation before starting the job.  Call today!

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