Our friends, family, and patrons are always asking how they can give back to Operation Raise the Roof. People always want to know how they can contribute their time, hard work, and services.

Now they can help in another way. By visiting gear.valorhome.com you can purchase valor gear and we will donate 20% to Operation Raise the Roof. From T-shirts, to coffee, we are excited for you to explore and find another way to support Valor Home initiatives.

When you make a purchase, you’re part of something bigger than just investing in your home or your closet; you’re helping us give back to a veteran who gave their time and effort protecting our country.

We’re proud to support Operation Raise The Roof, because we feel that giving back is better than receiving. The free service we provide to our veterans allows them to use their savings and resources for other parts of their lives, like childcare, education, health care, and so many more financial needs.

Visit gear.valorhome.com
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Roofs Donated to Veterans

Honoring US Air Force (Ret.) MSGT Edward Holloway


Veterans Hired



Given Back To Veterans

Operation RTR 18 - Hendricks


Veteran Labor Hours

Roofing Replacement & Installation Glen Burnie, MD


Flags Delivered

Valor Home Flags for Vets


Veterans Impacted

Valor Home Flags for Vets

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