Why Should You Replace Your Windows & Doors Before Winter?

Why Should You Replace Your Windows & Doors Before Winter?

Window replacements and door replacements have major effects on any building and in a way complete them. When it’s winter, you need the doors and windows to fight against the harsh weather and keep your home safe and warm. But should you wait till you feel a cold icy breeze from an old crack of your windows? That’s not probably the best idea because, during the winter, there will be many challenges to get the job done. So prepare your home for winter beforehand.

Here are 4 major reasons to replace your windows & doors before winter:

  1. Winter Brings Disadvantages For Window Replacements

When you replace a window, the old one comes off leaving an opening in the walls. The opening let the nasty winter wind, snow, and moisture into your home. Plus, if you are in Maryland, the snow and storms are big issues for any kind of winter home repair, or, Installing replacements. Winter is simply not the ideal season to be undertaking a window or door replacement project.

  1. Old Windows Can Harbor Mold And Mildew

The sealant of the windows and the hinges of the doors are bound to get weary with time. Older windows and doors have poor seals and favor the growth of molds and mildew. The moisture from rain, snow, and ice during the winter helps in condensation buildup on poorly-insulated windows, causing mold and mildew growth. Not only it looks gross, but it is also harmful and reduces the air quality. So, check and see before winter struck, if you need a window replacement or door replacement.

  1. Right Windows & Doors Saves Money in Winter

The right door and window are the ones that save your home from all kinds of environmental or human attacks. The right ones will insulate your home properly so that the house keeps warm inside while saving energy and resources. You save money from optimizing the use of artificial heaters. The new windows will seal off the temperature inside, keep out the outdoor cold drafts. While doing the window replacements, opt for the latest energy-efficient windows with Low-E coatings on double, triple-glazed windows.

  1. New windows & Doors Helps In Winter Decorations/ Holiday Decorations

Winter means Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and lots of celebrations alongside. Old, dingy-looking windows and doors will affect your home decorations in the holidays. To replace the old ones before the winter strikes, so that you can decorate your home and increase its curb appeal properly. New window replacement and door replacement will make your home holiday-ready.

Replacing a window or a door will necessarily take professional window replacement services and door replacement services. Until the professionals arrive, you can do these quick fixes in case of emergencies.


  • Fill cracks with nail polish, shellac, or super glue.
  • Cover the cracks with thick tape like duct tape, or packing tape.
  • Apply weather-stripping to the interior sides of the window sashes.
  • Hang thick curtains as an extra layer of protection against the cold air.
  • Use draft snakes along window sills.
  • If there is a case of broken glass, remove the glass carefully with gloves and cover the opening with a thick plastic sheet or a heavy-duty garbage bag. If you can, put a piece of plywood for extra protection.

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