Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Replace Your Windows

Why spring is the perfect time to replace your windows

There is a season for everything, and that is true! Professional window installers are capable of replacing windows in any season, but a certain time makes window replacement more effective.

Winter is the time of year when most homeowners want to avoid scheduling appointments. During the coldest month of the year, people do not want their homes exposed to harsh elements.

Planning your home window replacement in Maryland during spring has plenty of benefits and our experts have outlined four advantages of why spring is the perfect time to replace your windows.

1. Pleasant Weather

Temperature is a factor that affects window installation. You can keep your home comfortable during installation and reduce your energy bill by replacing the windows during the spring.

There will also be fewer delays in the installation process during the spring because the weather is milder. The process of removing and installing new windows during cold weather conditions could cause damage and limitations for window replacement experts.

2. Smooth Caulking

Warmer weather improves the adhesion of caulk. The ideal temperature range for latex caulk is 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In cold weather, silicone caulking can be applied, but installers need to warm the caulking slightly before applying it to ensure smooth application. Insulation and caulking may become hard and brittle in extreme cold. Caulking, however, will not cure properly if it is too hot. It is, therefore, best to caulk windows and get your home window replacement is during spring.

3. Mechanics Of Movement

Heat and cold can trigger the expansion and contraction of some window materials, such as aluminum and vinyl. If you caulk and install windows when it is too warm, the seal will eventually break in the cold because the windows will contract.

4. Shorter Delivery Time

It is also important to consider delivery times. During busy seasons, window replacement orders take longer to arrive because of the increased demand. Contractors are also heavily booked, so if you need to reschedule for any reason, you will be at least a few weeks out. Install the system in the spring rather than the fall for a faster, less stressful installation.

Let’s Get Started With Window Replacement

Winter is often the most expensive season for window installation, while spring is relatively less expensive. In many ways, winter makes home window installation more difficult.

Valor Home offers the best window installation services in Delaware and its surrounding areas. With our team of experts, window installation is less stressful, regardless of how many windows need to be replaced.

We are happy to assist you with your spring window replacement project. Call 443-292-4441 for more information on how to get started.

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