Window Privacy: 5 Ideas to Keep Your Window Private!

Window Privacy: 5 Ideas to Keep Your Window Private

As windows work as a gateway passage between your home to the outdoors, you must choose them wisely. Their design, aesthetic appeal, and functionality—everything matters. They must be guarded as well to keep your indoors private from the prying eyes. Nobody likes unwanted visual access to their private space and activities. But should you choose Frosted glass for that? What are the different ways to keep your window private? Read the blog to create adequate window privacy.

Frosted Glass for Window Privacy

Frosted Glass provides exceptional privacy. However, it also completely blocks any visual of the outdoors. So if you are someone who likes to peep out of your window now and then or like to enjoy some beverages while looking out, they are not good options. Instead, you might want to go for the best of both worlds. Get some frosted grass spray paint and create partially frosted glass. With some low-tack tape, spray paint, etc., you can create a custom pattern that shields your home and decorate as well.

Rustic Privacy Screen to Keep Your Window Private

Think about curtains or blinds made of wood or PVC boards. Skip the curtains and create a privacy screen with tongue-and-groove pine boards and hinges. Choose a color according to your decor. This can dress up wide windows beautifully. Ask your window services providers for such innovative alternatives.

Use of Stained Glass for Windows

Another great and inexpensive way is to install stained glass on your window. Plus, they add a pop of color to any room. The tinted glass window will filter light in a lovely, unique way and lend to the indoor vibe.

Go for Vintage-Style Window Shutters

Go for vintage rustic window shutters. The traditionally wooden pieces can be customized to fit any window. They have a unique aesthetic value. You may opt for synthetic wood or recycled wood as per your preferences.

Keep Your Windows Private with Hanging Garden

This is a neat trick, often used by interior designers across the globe. Especially kitchen windows are perfect for this kind of decor. The hanging pots with herbs or indoor plants will immediately brighten up a plain window blind. It’s a practical solution to your window privacy issues.

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